Rico Fett

Human Fighter


Rico Fett is a proud soldier who holds his head high. He is over 6ft tall with an athlete’s build. His eyes are brown and his black hair is cut to his scalp. Usually he is seen in his stylized green and red armor and hides his features behind his helmet. He carries two swords and fights in the style of a dervish.
Rico’s personality is very straightforward and he doesn’t take any guff from fools. He respects authority and follows the code of law and order. While he does have his own ambitions and desires, the military always comes before personal matters.


Rico’s father was a Mandalorian commando who disobeyed a direct order while fighting nomads. The details of the incedent aren’t clear but he has since been exiled and all of his personal holdings were seized. Rico has since been mentored by his uncle, Domo Fett.

Rico Fett

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