Githeran Montroz

Cleric of Zaanephrim. Mhandalorian Guard


HT 6’ WT 169lbs Eyes silver Hair blonde


Githeran Montroze is a cleric of Zaanephrim, god of Knowledge and Creation. His father was assassinated (poisoned) 3 years ago. His sister Heather persued the killer but was unable to catch him. After his father’s death, he and his two siblings Heather and Morovan were welcomed into the house of their uncle Faltabore and his five daughters. Ever since his father past Githeran has prayed to his god for answers,and finally after what seemed like an eternity he was granted a vision. Zaanephrim told him to train hard and strengthen himself and the road to his father’s killer would be lighted. After this vision he convinced his brother and sister to join the guard for a cause that is common for them all…..Justice!

Githeran Montroz

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