The Glory of Mhandelore

Bootcamp Continued

Githeran Montroze's Chronicle

The next morning our company was summoned into the large common room where apparently a sort of meeting was about to take place. Our company was not the only one present, I saw roughly twelve groups of similar size to our own. Others of note that were present included Gailrick Boldstar, Abackus Dhalore, and my uncle Faltabore Montroze. After a few moments we all noticed Dalen Fett entering the room. Dalen is the youngest member of the High Council of Mhandalore. He positions himself where he can be seen by all and says very loudly, “Hello everyone. In a few moments we shall meet the graduating classes of the Mhando Commandos…. After which the current classes will continue on with their training. But 1st I have some news to announce.” He paused briefly, “Recently a group of goblins was found inside the city walls hiding in memorial park. Unfortunately they were able to kill two guards patrolling the park before they were dealt with. We are currently investigating how and why they were able to get into the city unnoticed.” I looked over at a fellow cadet of mine named Hitt Fett and whispered, “I smell a mission!”. He got a devious look on his face and nodded at me with a grin. After this Dalen Fett proceeded with the graduate introductions and then finally we were dismissed to continue training.
The next tests weren’t exactly what we were expecting, but they were very difficult. 1st there was an Idenifying Items test, those that were able to identify the final items were aloud to keep one. Then came a series of rigorous balance tests followed by a Formation test complete with a moving floor. Then we climbed, then we fought, then we listened.We had Disable Device tests, Escape Artist tests. Then we had to climb a burning tree….after awhile I got so worn out physically and mentally that I cant even recall in what order we did what excercise. I just know this has been more difficult than I had ever imagined…we will be trained badasses if we make it through this alive.
After all those tests and challenges a good portion of the day had been consumed, so we were dismissed to the mess hall for a late lunch. I learned that the recruit that Abackus so brutally punched in the gut on our 1st day is named Ferald Fett. This is not his first time through bootcamp so the drill sergeant is fed up with his failings. He and Rico Fett have been hangin out alot recently, they seem to be getting along. About the time that we were finishing up our food Abackus came walking in. He said that although some have done worse than others with their training and challenges, the fact that we are all still breathing is good. So good in fact, that we actually got a little bit of pay and a recreational leave for the weekend. This came as a VERY unexpected but VERY welcome surprise!
It took us what seemed like hours to finally decide what to do with our 1st night on leave, and of course not everyone could agree on one thing. I wanted to go with Hitt to the Memorial Park and look for signs of these supposed goblins, but my brother and sister wanted to go with Sparrow to the Good Harvest Inn to try to find information there because Sparrow said he knew the owner, a lady named Feriona. So we decided it would look kinda wierd for our entire company to do one or the other so we split up. The larger portion of our regiment went to investigate the park, while only a group of five or so went to the bar.
When we arrived at Memorial Park we saw 3 noblemen walking down a path. They approached us and began asking questions as to who we were and what we were doing there. We had nothing to hide so we told them who we were. We also asked if they’d seen or heard of any signs of goblins in the park. They didn’t seem to know anything other than the reports from earlier. They directed us in the general direction of where the alledged attack took place. When we arrived on the scene, it was apparent that a battle had taken place here. The rogues and trackers of the party were able to locate some goblin tracks leading deeper into the woods of the park. We bagan following them and I noticed how closely we were all clumped together moving as one. I said aloud,“Guys we are kindof vulnerable to large area attacks when we move together like this, maybe we should spread out.” Everyone seemed to agree so we started to move apart from each other slightly. Unfortunately we were only about halfway through our spreading out thing when the ambush came. All at once a massive net and a horde of goblins came dropping from the trees right on top of us. The net was centered very near where I happened to be standing and it enveloped me as well as most of my group standing near. Only about a third of us were lucky enough to be outside of it. As they took potshots at us all, the free members of the party fought back however they could, while the rest of us tried to free ourselves from the net. Once we were finally able to do so, the battle quickly turned in our favor. When Tsaroath came out of the net he leaped at a goblin, plunging his spear straight threw it and into another goblin standing just behind it that was about to strike.The goblins fell quickly after that. We searched the area thoroughly and then decided we’d better go report what we’d found. We headed for the Inn where our comrades had gone to inform them of the situation. When we arrived my sister was outside waiting for us…she walked up to me and said “I’m glad your back, I have some interesting things to tell you.”


Ammended Sparrow into write up, as well as Tsaroath’s crit.

Bootcamp Continued
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