Your title here…h1. MhANDALORE

Mhandalore is a powerful city state ruled by the elitist Mhandalorian Council, a group consisting of the leaders of the eight founding clans. The council is mostly only responsible for lawmaking while the actual running of government is done by each clan’s own means, only in times of extreme circumstance is the council brought together to make decisions. Judges police the people with indifference to clan desires and mediate between disputes.
Mhandalorians have many principles which they hold in the highest regard, such as honor and family. Family does not always mean blood relation, outsiders who have been accepted by a clan as one of their own are no less a member of society. They also train their bodies and minds to be the ultimate in physical and tactical perfection. Lazy or defective citizens are simply unheard of.
The armed forces of Mhandalore are among the greatest in the world in terms of skill. Their soldiers protect the city from threat as well as hire out to other communities as mercenary groups, towns and villages not a part of a larger nation regularly use Mhandalorians as protection. The army does tend to war with rival nations but never in conquest, the people of Mhandalore love their city and have no desire to live anywhere else or depend on anyone but themselves.
The city itself is massive, second only to Bel City in size, most of which is made up of fortifications. The city walls are positioned in multiple layers with normal city structures and neighborhoods between each set of walls. If an attacking force breaks through the outer walls they will shortly find another fortification just as strong.
Mhandalore has very strong trade relations with the dwarves of Forgekeep. An alliance with the dwarves keeps many of their mercenaries in service on the outskirts of Forgekeep and an open supply of building materials, industrial supplies, and weaponry. It holds decent political relations with other countries out of respect and fear. A mutually required peace with Bel must be kept since both sides know a war would be long and far too costly.

In the Beginning;

Gauntlet started, battles on first leave 12 gobbies in the woods, three thieves at good harvest inn. Qualen pisses off a mage. The group gets debriefed and deputised its Aviation week on the week end it will be flight day to celebrate the airforce. On air day trolls invade the north Square TROLLS??? The cats out of the Bag A funeral for a Highlord of Mhandalore. the ceremony lasts two days. Where did the trolls come from. One more Break time to do some Intell…The party finishes thier training then get first assignments as Mhandalore guard. Time to get stinky in the sewers…
The others are on thier way North to Iron Bottom to pose as escorts while they look for this Trebladore to see if he is lord Blackwood…Plans change at the last min Domo has the a team take the Twilight Chaser the flag ship of the fett clan’s air power. Domo also has taken a under study. Grixus is now one of Domo’s personal guards. Treachery is afoot the sewer patroll is betrayed they kill Gabe then Brutas. then save the Satyr last member of the Order of the Ephates. they discover that Ezmerelda the Enchanted is the mysterious woman from the letter. And that Patric is the main betrayer. now they face thier second blood mountain Arginaught wile trying to help Thermon protect the Artifact. The party helps Thermon save the city from certain doom killing another BM Arginaught and his minions two giant Orphidians and a troll with a steal hand harlow took the mythreal hand when the troll was slain the party took commands from the sword Ithayourl after they saved the city they came to the surface to find the north district in flames undersiege and locked down from the rest of the city. they come upon Feriona Morgan and Astero fighting for thier lives to protect some common folk from certain death. The Battle of the Burning North was won by the party with the help of Theodus and Zeth Rhendahul. Hundreds were slain. The atempt to dispatch Patric ghunstar failed. But the small palace is almost taken. Web has fallen But in his place Domo Fett has arived with Grixus Better late than never.

Chapter two

Ateam gets attacked by the air! beats insurmountable odds, manages to bring ship down fifty miles from Ironbotton on the bordr of BEL, near small village called Teadwary. WHERE THEY DISCOVER A SECRET SECT OF DWARFS HIDING THE ENTRANCE TO AN ANCIENT MINE THAT WAS CURSED BY A DEMON AND HER EVIL CLERICS bATRICE AGRREES TO HELP THE DWARFS RISD THE EVIL IN RETURN FOR AID AND 35% OF THE ORE,CRYSTAL AND GEMS FROM THE MINES. they are attacked very hard that night many died undead were everywhere the Gini Baby ya thwarted the plans of the demoness and trapped her away but was forced ffrrom the realm as well. the party fought hard and encountered the lord of the priests who angrly came up and tried to finish the job the demoness failed at. After the party won the day they pressed thier advantage going into the entrance with a vage map . hitt shot a flaming bolt into the vent cavern then fucked the party they mey the cave crickets and lost Daimen and tsaroth. then triggered some traps alerting VERSENEROUS OF THIER PRESENCE. Then they fell into a gnoll trap that they handled well except the other cleric who is in a coma from eating mushrooms. they set up camp in the mines trying to rest from a very unwelcome entry. After a rest the party locates Daimon fighting several Gnolls who had set up an ambush for the party with the help of Daimons animal companion the gnolls were killed one was spared after giving information then another gnoll fight where they came up on thier first gnoll priest of siris they fought hard then had to go rest again back to safer grounds. the next day they came across a blood fiend who they bribed to pass he warned them of the big blue. then the big fight came to pass the party almost fell but in the end the gods were looking down in thier favor. many questions reguarding the sentient magic items. Vanglore takes the last item the helm and the party continues to the south. fight elete drow forces and win then the stonegiant….

Its three weeks till the Iron Orc “The Gauntlet” Jintar is filling up for the annual race. the characters find themselves inside the city walls enjoying the festivities of the event.The Market at the crossroads is starting the Festival of Blood tomorow. It is famous for its amazing food women weapons magic intrigue and entertainment.

The Glory of Mhandelore

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