Veleron The New Outer Planes

After the Crusaders of Hope triumphed over the Lords of Chaos and Elvis Von Dragoon fulfilled the prophecy of Sadric the XVI, the ancient gods bestowed four boons on the lands. The Old Ones were glad to be able to right the wrongs of the Age of Rains. The war seven thousand years ago nearly destroyed the entire planet and the gods wanted to restore the lands to their original beauty.
Darigo: Lord of earth and life, restored ancient and forgotten life destroyed during and after the Great War. There were many that were lost or forgotten, driven to extinction because of the gods’ hatred for each other. The Divine Cataclysm destroyed many forms of plant life as well and Darigo restored them all. The Lord of Life’s last duty on Odao was to administer the Test of Immortality to the Crusaders of Hope. Because of their efforts the gods were give a chance to return and make amends. The Heroes of Hope were ready and they passed their tests without any loss of life. It was decreed hence forth that they were the Pantheons of Hope, for it was the hope of all that they would watch over Darigoone and protect her from other divine influences and control. This was the Pantheon’s mandate to guard against planar interlopers and to serve their home realm as well as enrich their own.
Oleria: Queen of the oceans and lakes, Mistress of Death and mother to all in death, called on the seas to lower. She opened a portal to the plane of water, a permanent gate deep in the ocean near the island now known as purgatory. The gate is sealed and only a god can open its powerful magic. Another portal also serves as the way to Veleron, the Outer Material plane, home to the young pantheons. As the waters receded the land was restored. Seven thousand years and now it had reemerged for all to claim or conquer.
Then she awoke her daughter Eve who had been sleeping the past seven millennia in the forest of living wood inside Oakenwood. Daughter of Darigo and Oleria, she was able to help the heroes of Ozganith even while in the magical slumber that had befallen her when the god were stricken from the plane. The woodland creatures loved and protected Eve hiding her in the heart of the woods. When Oleria came, Eve asked to remain in the woods as the woodland’s protector. Eve, Queen of the Wood would use her power to promote life and protect those under her charge.
Anadera: Goddess of air and love, used her influence over the other realms to seal off the other outer planes from Odao. A divine orb, wrestled from a slain Lord of Chaos by Zaanaphrim, Hero of Hope, was the key. The orb would also be the foundation of The Cradle, the first plane on Veleron. Now the powers that had manipulated the world from Celestia to the Abyss were no longer a threat to anyone. Creatures from the outer planes could only enter Veleron Prime by the quasi-sun on the Cradle’s plane, “the only gate to their realm.” Then she caused a stirring in the hearts of all living things and for two hundred years a baby boom would populate the lands that had once been submerged, filling the realm with life and restoring what had been lost so long ago.
Oanis: Lord of fire and war only new how to destroy, but build he would. He created a great war tower to guard against Milliworld, protecting the entire plane. Arioch and his grand Hordes of Chaos were trapped inside the temporal walls of the city of Milliworld and would not threaten the plane so long as the tower stood. The question was “where did it stand?” The tower could travel magically to any location where the security of Odao was threatened. There Oanis’s own war machine would unleash what was necessary to thwart the threat. Colossal warrior, armada of battle hardened solders, or peaceful ambassador; the tower would provide. Milliworld sits on the largest dimensional nexus ever, so many portals to anywhere and everywhere keep the Tower of Oz busy.
After the Ancient Gods granted their gifts to Darigoone they turned their attention to the Pantheons of Hope, who were trying to create their own plane on Veleron. Called the Outer Material Plane, Veleron is home to the young gods. The plane was created by using the essence of a goddess of chaos, power from the ancient gods, and other mysterious artifacts found by Zolindar, the Sword of Ancients, and Yekcim, Knower of Secrets. Its power was immeasurable; Veleron could hold back the Nine Hells and the Abyss combined, reducing the other outer planes influence to an infinitesimal whim.
Then the Ancient Gods left the realm to its inhabitants no longer interested in the affairs of humanoids they created the Spirit Realm where they would tend to the souls of all those who died.

The planes of Veleron are connected by a great river called The Eternal River. It runs through each of the twelve planes of Veleron, sometimes long treks and other times short stretches through each parallel plane of Veleron. The planes stack on top of each other and must be traveled through one at a time, in order. The river is the only portal to each realm, and each portal has its own guardian. The river begins in the astral plane from the color pool of a pocket dimension tied to the plane of water. The portal is guarded at two points of entry; first at Purgatory, an island in the Oberdair Sea and home to a horde of githyanki who guard the entrance to the astral gate to Veleron. Second, it is guarded by the Pearl Fortress of Oleria, where Morphartiya the giant sea drake and Gigantis the colossal god of rays guard the entrance to the top layer of Veleron; Wyrmrealm.
The spiritual realms are known as* Eternia*, named after the city where it is said that life on Odao began. It is here that the souls of the dead from both the prime and outer planes call their final resting place. The Old Gods reside here and each one has a plane of his own, named after themselves respectively.

Oleria: Spiritual realm of peace. This is the final afterlife where good and content souls go to find eternal rest. It is a place of peace and tranquility where souls are rewarded for enduring their turbulent lives.
Darigo: Spiritual realm of redemption. Unsettled souls, children, and victims of sudden unjust death go here to wait for penance or to accept their fate. Other souls who didn’t get a chance to develop get another chance when they come here, either through reincarnation or by eventually moving on to Oleria.
Anadera: Spiritual realm of desire. Souls who were obsessed with pleasure in life find what they desire here. There is no rest, only ecstasy, so it can be considered a punishment for it is never-ending. People who are selfish end up with Anadera.
Oanis: Spiritual realm of conflict. Here is only war and hate, where violent souls continue to fight and punish each other. People who are hostile end up with Oanis.

1st Layer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron: Kree Ruatha
Influence: Dragons

The resting place for all dragons, Wyrmrealm is mountainous with large forests and many snow covered peaks dot the landscape. Ruatha Keep guards the portal to Lavain on the Eternal River. Dragons of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, guard the keep and portal. It is near impossible to pass this realm without consent from Wyrmrealm’s lords. Dragons that reach this realm stop aging and become stronger. If slain, a dragon can chose to remain on Wyrmrealm, its soul flowing through the breeze or imbedded in a large oak tree. The Realm is ruled by Kree Ruatha, a lawful good bronze dragon. He expects the natives of his realm to respect the few laws there are. All dragons are welcome here and many good dragons become shepherds, tending herds of all sorts which are used for food. Other dragons draw outlanders to serve them or even for sport and food. Evil dragons enjoy Wyrmrealm; they are quick to deal with interlopers from other planes and can cause problems for the good dragons. Although dragon vs. dragon fighting is forbidden, trouble can be caused between clans. Killing a dragon on Wyrmrealm is a significant feat.
Other dragons are forbidden to fight each other, choosing a champion to address disputes often occurs, when there are disputes. The dragons of Wyrmrealm respect Kree, good dragons revere and idolize him, the evil bow out fear and admiration for his power. Immyrian dragons call him Lord of the Drakes. Ruatha Keep is inhabited by more than dragons, it is home to many races that love the dragons. Elves, dwarves, and immyrians as well as orc, ogre, and lizardman call Ruatha home. All know their place and do their best not to cross the dragons.

2nd Layer
Alignment: Neutral
Patron: Nerue
Influence: Magic and Celebration

Lavain is a realm of primordial magic, like a cosmic soup, it is fluid and constantly moving. Everything in this realm exudes magic. The inhabitants of Lavain live on six magical spheres created to be hospitable to the species living on them. Nerue the Supreme Sorcerer and Oliver, a spell weaver, both control Lavain from twelve floating magic towers. P.T. Prime is the tower they control the other eleven from. Each tower has unique powers, some more powerful than others. All the towers are stationed on Orbas, the only city on the plane. A way station for travelers, Orbas is always in flux, the city is constantly changing, entire streets moving as if alive and houses of inhabitants changing color and shape. No one native to this plane seem to mind, it’s the way of Lavain. Fairies and fey folk love this realm because of the changing landscape, if land at all. Many other spheres are floating in the magic ooze of Lavain, they fade in and out, usually only coming into existence for some spell or birth as they are unstable at best and should be left alone. The Eternal River flows through the entire plane, floating in space for most of its trek through Lavain. The fairies and fey can cause a lot of mischief, especially when it involves outlanders. Curiosity always overcomes fear or disdain, the folks of Lavain let visitors know they’re just visiting.

3rd Layer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Patron: Ovalo
Influence: Power and Control

Wraitheon’s entire plane is a giant mountain. With many rocky crags, valleys, and rock formations all drifting down its steep slope, it makes travel very dangerous. The Eternal River flows down the mountain making several dangerous breaks along the crags and cliffs, traveling the river in near impossible without help or a long climb. Inside the great mountain is a network of dungeons connected by thousands of tunnels. Wraitheon is the largest dungeon city on the plane. It holds all sorts of creatures; some friendly, most dangerous, all with an agenda. Wraitheon is a realm of study and acquisition of power. The natives are curious but not too helpful. Outsiders are not received well; if they are too powerful to kill outright, they are shunned or charged a tribute for easy passage through the realm. Ovalo is the patron of Wraitheon and he is obsessed with the acquisition of more power. His followers know this and bring him any booty they find along the river or from fresh kills for reward. When the Ancient Gods empowered Ovalo to fight the armies of chaos combined with his soul drinking sword, Bane, he got a true taste of omnipotence. This has made him mad with desire, looking for that fix or feeling that he once held in him. It does not make him foolish, only more calculating and controlling.

4th Layer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Patron: Akrin
Influence: Law and Order

The most beautiful of all the planes, giant crystal caverns make up the landscape. The entire plane is made up of crystals; calcite, quartz, amethyst, ruby, diamond, obsidian, and fluorite are but a few of the known minerals here. The Eternal River’s water is liquid crystal on this realm, making it very valuable on other worlds. All life native to Cintos is made of crystal plants, trees, grass, moss, mold, all crystal. Some crystals are very brittle and other types are unbreakable, some very beautiful and reflect any light while other types dark and almost absorbing the light around it. Kireen, the crystal city, is amazing. Its beauty is unrivaled and unmatched, almost too much to take in. The towers of Cintos in Kireen grow like stalagmites and stalactites from floor to ceiling and can be as thick as three hundred feet.
A race of crystal beings live here called Iridescents. They live in perfect harmony with their surroundings so well that they are virtually invisible, camouflaged to all but their kin. Using the crystal mold they have shaped their homes and towers. The Iridescents have a strict order, it is better to not mess with any thing unless you’re familiar with the ways of the Iridescents. Akrin protects the Iridescents; he loves their ways and does not tolerate molestation of its resources. There are thirty Celestials and guardinals who serve Akrin, helping to preserve the beauty of Cintos and Kireen.

5th Layer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron: Matilda
Influence: Fertility and Woodland Creatures

Maroma is the Great Forest, with trees large enough to live inside. Rolling hills, grasslands, and sparse mountains litter the landscape. The Eternal River breaks off into many forks with some leading to pristine lakes others ending in swamp lands. Travelers must pay attention to the waters or lose their way. Matilda is queen of Maroma and the lands are full of life. The people of this realm call themselves Maromians. Elves, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings, fey, and humans all coexist. With the threats of orcs, goblins, kobolds, trolls, hobgoblins, and other evil creatures, the Maromians try and keep the balance. Maromians deal with their enemies in just fashion, driving the hordes of Maroma back to their lands when they rise up. Matilda allows the inhabitants to form their own destiny and only aiding them when the plane is in danger. If there is great danger all of Maroma will join together to defend her.

6th Layer
Alignment: Neutral
Patron: Yekcim
Influence: Lore and Prophecy

Lycenium is black as night with a dark blue mist floating throughout the realm. Multicolored stars litter the skies; they yield the only natural light on the realm when not obscured by the mist. The stars are really magic eyes that can peer into any realm at any time and any place. Yekcim sees all, receiving transmissions even when he is distracted or scrying elsewhere. He does not get his visions when he is not somewhere on Veleron. Yekcim resides on the only land mass in Lycenium, Home, as he affectionately calls the floating plot of real estate. With a black tower in the center that is much larger on the inside than it appears outside, the tower is home to a few of Yekcim’s friends. The dimensional pocket that is the tower can be locked down tight to protect those inside or to trap those inside from leaving. It is a living dimension inside Lycenium, Home has the ability to manipulate magic and it likes to impress Lord Yekcim’s guests, often changing the surroundings to make them more comfortable. If Home senses a threat the super intelligent creature will respond accordingly; disarming, detaining, or destroying the troublemaker. Home also serves as the transmission tower to her lord, sending the most pertinent information after weeding through uneasy subjects for him. The tower’s ability to control magic is limitless; it can power down magic items, slow, stop, or speed up time, and transform itself into anything from a rock to a sun. It never chooses a living incarnation only because it’s too hard to decide on a species. Its personality is warm, tactful, and friendly with a touch of sarcasm at times. Home appears to be female, often regarding Yekcim as “my love” or “my sweet”. She seems to love him very much, traveling with him often. The Eternal River has a very short path on Lycenium. Travelers often miss the plane entirely; like a tiny town, “blink and you will miss it”, many wanders see the darkness of the realm for about twenty seconds then they find themselves on Theria. Lycenium is a great place to hide and Yekcim loves the solitude. Angry Ben lives here with Yekcim, coming and going as he pleases. He gets annoyed with Home and their bickering is comical at times, annoying at other times. Other close friends come here for the peace and quiet as there are no native beings on the plane.

7th Layer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron: Milo
Influence: Thieves, Trickery, and Luck

Theria is home to Wonderland, a sprawling complex which is part city, part zoo, amusement park, game reserve, and casino. Wonderland covers six hundred miles of Theria’s landscape. It has all sorts of terrain changes, small gaming towns, amusement rides, and hunting. Beings from everywhere have been brought to enrich the plane. All sorts of creatures and plant life only found in the far reaching corners of the multiverse can be found here. Gaming is the national pastime. Gambling, hunting, sports, thievery, and dominos are but a few of the pastimes in Theria. Dangerous monsters, too powerful to control in the confines of Wonderland, live outside the complex. The plane is large with environments hospitable to almost all forms of life. Theria is chaotic in nature with climate changes every few miles, frozen wastelands and tropical jungles right next to each other. Molten volcanoes with all sorts of fire using creatures next to oceanic expanses harboring a host of sea life are just one example. Much of the theme parks’ entertainment and rides are focused on the changes in landscape, The Volcano Explosion, The Ice Slides, and Jungle Madness are a few of the Climate Rides. Milo entertains guests rich and powerful enough to get to Theria. High rollers are given the royal treatment and offered every luxury. Many of the games are L.A.D. games, Life and Death, with payouts that increase incrementally depending on the Mortality Rating of the game.
Milo has many titles; Multiple Milo, Wizard of Fun, King of Theria, Lord of Thieves, and Manipulator of the Multiverse are some of the nicer ones. Milo is very rich and his wealth is so great he has no idea how rich he is. Gold, platinum, silver, and coin from across the multiverse, magic items, and rare items of great value are only part of his wealth. When you include the rare animals and creatures from “all the corners”, as Milo would say, it’s really is hard to quantify his wealth. Milo has many clones and he can now have up to three going at one time. He is immortal so the clones serve more of a utility purpose, helping with guests or any thing else Milo needs. Milo spends most of his time traveling through his magic coffin, a multidimensional portal to ANYWHERE! He collects items, creatures, wealth, and any thing else that fancies his eye. Some might call it stealing; Milo prefers to call it, “borrowing forever.” He spends a lot of time at the Station in Odao’s atmosphere, chatting with Admiral Ambassador Node and looking over any new items caught in its celestial web. Milo is also master of the Wonderland Collection Society, a glorified name for the largest thieves’ guild known. With all there is to be done it’s a good thing there are four Milo’s to go around.
Theria is a wonder to behold, Milo makes sure, some times his realm is attacked by the Darken Wastes. The threat is minimal though, for Milo has convinced the last living Judge of Destruction, Ire’s Agony, to guard the entrance of the Darken Wastes on the Eternal River… for fun! Even charging admittance to large slaughters done in Judge of Destruction fashion. Milo always guarantees a memorable adventure in Wonderland, where the only crime is boredom.

The Darken Wastes
8th Layer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Patron: Sirus
Influence: Chaos and Evil Monsters

The Darken Wastes are two planes that mirror each other, looking up from one side a person can see the other, both connected by the city Algotha whose towers reach so high they connect both layers. One plane is a frozen wasteland, the other a fiery lava land where Sirus has his castle.
Brimstone, a rocky, craggy wasteland lit only by a red glow, is a polluted wasteland with smoke, smog, and fog filling the air every where, wafting up from the ground and obscuring the landscape in black and grey clouds of poisonous gases. The glow comes from the magma seeping up from the ground forming a large abyss of molten fire. Minijhar is the castle Sirus resides in. With his wicked bucklers there is no one who could challenge him and only Ire’s himself could stand a chance one on one against the fury of Sirus’ attacks. Every year Sirus offers the keys to the kingdom to any one who could best him in combat. There have been challengers, all have fallen within minutes. Narjhan, the old lord of the demons, challenged Sirus one year. The battle was long and destructive, many casualties occurred when the devils couldn’t get out of the way. Narjhan lost but Sirus was so impressed that he gave him the mirror realm to govern. A true gift, Narjhan would be his own master and never forgot this honor, defending Brimstone as well as his realm, Frigid Rock.
Frigid Rock is connected to Brimstone by Algotha, a city with towers that reach a half a mile in the sky, touching each other in the middle of the parallel planes. The towers of Algotha are living demons rooted in the layers they sprout from, their roots are like large tentacles that can crush and entangle threats to the realm. Gravity pulls in opposite directions at the point in the middle with about a mile separating both planes. On Frigid rock the land is frozen, with ice formations everywhere. The glow from the magma creeps through the smoke and fog of this layer to reflect off the ice, enhancing the glow of the ice. The only running water on this realm is the Eternal River which flows from one layer to the other, appearing to flow in mid air. The river begins in Brimstone and goes upstream to Frigid Rock; the water will carry any one on or in it to the other plane within seconds. As it crosses over the landscape of Frigid Rock it slows until it enters the portal to Verajhal which is guarded by the Lords of Light. They prevent demons and devils from entering and help good travelers through the portal.
The natives of The Darken Wastes are all evil; demons and devils, monsters of unspeakable horror. All of them have slave stock used primarily for food but some make good sport, hunting or torture, they serve their purpose. They call Sirus the Dark Minotaur and will die for him without question or cause. Raiding parties find their way to other planes, quenching their thirst for blood and acquiring more slave stock. The pantheons tire of this but other than slaying the raiding parties not much can be done. The Darken Wastes are no place for outworlders.

9th Layer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron: Elvis von Dragoon
Influence: Immyrians, Rangers, and Justice

New Melnibone; a beautiful archipelago of islands surrounds a beautifully bizarre city called Verajhal, City of Light. On the largest isle rests the Hierophants Keep. The keep belongs to Elvis Von Dragon though he is rarely there. The keep protects a portal that goes to Odao, exiting in the Savage Lands somewhere near the equator. A large sea maze surrounding the isle of New Melnibone protects it from outsiders. The maze utilizes many small islands as battle stations in its complex network of coral walls and jagged reefs. Two other continents are in this realm, the Young Kingdoms and the Grey Wastes. The inhabitants of Verajhal city are mostly Immyrian as they are the last remnants of Sadric’s Chaosium Archipelago. In a massive exodus they traveled from Odao, loosing many lives. When they got to purgatory they discovered the githyanki who befriended the King with no Kingdom and allowed him and his people passage through the first gate. The guardians of the pearl fortress also allowed Sadric passage. Being Immyrian, he knew them and paid them great homage so they granted him and his people a way down the Eternal River. Along the river the only trouble they had was in the Darken Wastes but Sirus managed to discover their presence on his realm and came to their aid just before they were attacked by the Algotha Demon Towers. When they reached Verajhal they knew they had found their new home. The city was not yet complete and Elvis was busy creating the gate to Odao as a shortcut to avoid the upper layers. Sadric sent forth his people to help; sorcerers, expert masons, forgers, and engineers erected the beautiful Verajhal. Sadric, with his centuries of knowledge, was a great asset in helping Elvis completing the portal and offering advice to the young pantheon on a whole host of subjects. The time spent with Elvis impressed Sadric who asked to be his adviser. Elvis surprised him by asking him to be king of the realm. “You have much more experience at being a king than I and the blood in your veins is truly of royal lineage.” Sadric accepted and his first decree as king was to proclaim Elvis the Hierophant of Life.
All Immyrians serve both King and Hierophant, instead of conquers they are now liberators, traveling the multiverse aiding those who are oppressed, enslaved, or too weak to defend themselves. Elvis discovered his true power with Sadric’s help. He can grant immortality to any one, but does not take this lightly nor does he abuse his gift. Elvis only grants the gift to eight heroes per year. The gift only reverses the aging process, taking the recipient to their prime where they stay until they are slain; no diseases, poisons, or death spells affect a blessed hero. About seven thousand Heroes of Light are in service to Elvis, most are Immyrian and they are all lawful, neutral, chaotic, or good; never evil. Many Great warriors, men of magic, and priests travel to Verajhal to seek the Blessing from the Hierophant. Those who receive it are sent out to right wrongs, bring justice, or settle disputes. Many are sent on heroic errands that they know they will not return from, but to serve the light is to serve its will. Elvis and his Rangers of Light spend little time in New Melnibone, instead traveling the multiverse looking for the Paradox Scrolls, thought to hold the secret of time and space and the only means to contact the creator of the multiverse. Along with the Rangers of Light, Elvis has his Entourage; nine female angels he saved from Necrophelious’ control and who have sworn their love for him. They are often sent in his place during important events or when he is called upon by worthy worshipers. The Young Kingdoms are where non-Immyrians live since Verajhal city is hallowed ground to them.
The kingdoms serve the Hierophant of Light but do not call Sadric their king. Memories of the old Immyrians and their torment on all races still linger. The stories are passed down from generation to generation of their domination and cruelty and their new persona has not convinced the lords of the young kingdoms. Over the years tensions have lessened and trade has started between the kingdoms and New Melnibone. The Grey Wastes are home to the more unsavory creatures and races not welcome by the Young Kingdoms; many creatures known to the Immyrians from their home world and have trouble fitting in with civilized society.

10th Layer
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Patron: Cairn
Influence: Envy, Greed, and Underground Dwellers and Builders

The surface of Underworld is barren, devoid of life and very hot. A star sits very close to the surface. It’s small but the heat makes life on the surface impossible for the inhabitants of Underworld. Deep underneath the surface is where Cairn and his people live. There are giant caverns with thousands of tunnels leading to hundreds of dungeons.
In these dungeons and caves are all sorts of underground dwellers, most mutated by the radiation from the dwarf star on the surface. Underworld is a dangerous place; creatures large enough to devour entire armies dwell in the depths in catacombs and caverns.
Cairn has three hundred of his Kelmain brothers, the Earth Movers, who have his ability to move earth but he alone can alter rock. They build beautiful and dangerous labyrinths, dungeons, and towers along the Eternal River which is the only source of water on the plane. The river forks off many times making travel deadly and finding the portal to Haven near impossible with out help. Some water ways lead right into the gaping maw of a rock biter “they love squishies.” The Earth Movers are always working on new tunnels and labyrinths.
The creatures of Underworld call themselves nova-mutes. They are very different from their forefathers, mutating for hundreds of years now. Their life span is shorter and they have lost a lot of their intelligence from the radiation but their skin is hard. They resemble the Kelmain but look much more like the red stone that is the predominant ore of the realm. They come in many shapes and sizes, from different races that after mutating and cross breeding became stronger and stranger. They eat the ore of the plane for it is rich in minerals and it adds to the mutating process. They also have developed a taste for flesh, all flavors. The difference in appearance from generations is obvious and newborns always look different than their parents. There is no plant life on the plane because it can’t live in the harsh environment. Nova-mutes revere plant life and will trade, beg, rob, or kill to get any sort, of course it dies but that doesn’t matter to the ‘mutes. They hate outworlders and love killing and dividing the spoils, most seem jealous of their lot in life and always look for ways to improve their status.
Cairn creates rare crystals from Underworld’s red ore which are beautiful and hard as diamonds. The red diamonds harness the energy from the star making them powerful batteries of energy that let off little radiation because of their hardness. Cairn sells them at a great price to any who will pay that price. His palace is above the portal to Haven with a clear view of the Eternal River’s path for miles. It is made of many forms of stone and crystals with particular attention to detail and defense.
Some of the Iridescents from Cintos who were considered outlaws by their kin live in the Palace with the Kelmain. They maintain the fortifications and collect the offerings of the ‘mutes who view the crystal beings as gods. The palace has a small pocket dimension in it called the Garden where Cairn has a beautiful garden grove with exotic fruits and vegetables and some livestock and birds litter the small grove. Cairn dreams of his realm becoming beautiful like his grove but knows this will never come to pass. The dwarf star is connected to the sun in the Cradle. Zaanephrim, patron of the Cradle, magically split the star and Cairn got the exhaust end of the star while the Cradle’s beautiful lands enjoy a small sun dimension with no ill effects or extreme heat. Originally Cairn had no problem with the arrangement, knowing that he would live underground, but the litany of unintended consequences have made him a little bitter over the years, so he doesn’t cooperate much with the other deities without payment for his services.

11th Layer
Alignment: Neutral
Patron: Zid
Influence: Nature and Druids

Haven is just that, a beautiful forest realm with lakes, rivers, jungles, mountains, snowy peeks, rolling hills, and beautiful painted deserts; a utopian realm. Zid keeps it that way by not allowing humanoid races on his plane, with exception of travelers on the river. There are thirty three stewards of this realm who serve Zid and protect the land from molestation. The stewards are magical forest creatures such as satyr, sphinx, lamia, and nymph, along with six druids who study under Zid, the Satyr Druid.
The Eternal River flows lazily through the realm, allowing travelers a nice view of the beautiful landscape. It flows into the Great Lake of Haven. The lake has an island where outworlders can stop called Bra Baba. It has modest accommodations meant to be hospitable but also to encourage short stays. The island is inhabited by all sorts of magical creatures and plant life. The Villa is inhabited by a tribe of mycenoids who serve as the care takers and hosts. On the mainland many different kinds of plants are able to grow here, so rare that you might not find them any where else in the universe, unmolested by the races of humanoids that are invariably the means to their destruction. Other delicate races of creatures live on the mainland, protected from harm by the creatures of this realm. Treants, centaurs, satyrs, fairies, sprites, pixies, nymphs, sphinx, mycenoids, griffons, unicorns, and chimeras are but a few of the magical species protecting the mainland. Any outworlder that steps foot on the mainland will be confronted immediately; the earth itself can swallow an interloper whole, usually vomiting them back into the lake or river. It is forbidden for humanoids at any time to land, walk, or fly over the mainland. The rare plants, minerals, and animals on the mainland are fragile and can’t coexist with humanoids. Some of the plants emit spores that affect the minds of some races. The effects range from happiness, sleepiness, and sadness to fear, anger, confusion, and even death. The spores don’t travel over the water so travelers obeying the rules are safe. Zid is known to visit Bra and he loves to party; celebrating holidays and birthdays with big week-long parties. He is friendly to guests of the island but is fierce and dangerous if encountered on the mainland of Haven.

The Cradle
12th Layer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron: Zaanaphrim
Influence: Knowledge and Wisdom

The most mysterious of all the realms, the Cradle is the birth place of all the Outer Material Planes and the Spirit Realms. The realm seems to defy the laws of physics, gravity, and nature. The realm is an inverted sphere, with everything facing inward; the whole plane is shaped inside a shell of stone three miles thick. Gravity works from the center out, holding rivers in their beds, animals to the ground, and adventurers on their path. The Eternal River flows along the inside walls of the realm through mountains, hills, forests, and deserts. It runs through the legendary city of Astoria then exits the realm and goes into a color pool connected to the elemental plane of water. In the center of the Cradle is a dwarf star that yields more than light, it is a gateway to the true outer planes, blocked off by the Ancient Gods. One of the many wonders of the Cradle are the spheres that obit the small star. They vary in purpose; some are elemental spheres used when defending the portal, other spheres are laboratories and battle stations. Their purpose is to deal preemptive strikes on more dangerous planes and to study the wormhole that is the dwarf star. The sun goes dormant for eight hours, during that time it opens to the outer planes. The wizards of Astoria have made calendars to determine what plane the gate will open up to each evening; some seasons are more eventful than others, depending on the realm being dealt with that week. Each night the inhabitants of the Cradle can see the events on the other planes like a window to another world, those watching are like voyeurs, silent watchers, seeing but not being seen. Sometimes the show is not worth the price of admittance, other times it’s a real horror show. On occasion those being watched are powerful enough to cause a little trouble but not much, the Cradle is well fortified only powerful creatures capable of withstanding bizarre climate changes, gravity loss, dangerous monsters, and unexpected disasters have any chance of calling the Cradle or Astoria home.
Astoria, City of Legend, is home to the greatest thinkers, wise men, heroes, and planar wanderers in the multiverse. Many bizarre experiments, case studies, and observations of happenstance occupy the daily grind. The Cradle is a case study in itself with sages and wise men debating the events of the realm and the similarities to those events and the nature of the multiverse. In Astoria so many things are going on it seems chaotic, but to those in the mix believe it all makes perfect sense. The city is a sight, with buildings that defy all logic. Astoria is a giant optical illusion folding in on itself like a labyrinth or maze; it’s not unusual to be in more than one place at a time.
Time and space are all relative and most travel in the Cradle is a matter of thought. Zaanephrim has a Study orbiting the sun, every year he visits his mother Zatore on Celestia. The visit coincides with the birthday of the plane so every year they have a small celebration and catch up on the year’s happenings.
The Cradle is governed by Zaanephrim, he is called the Orchestrater. He spends his time delegating responsibility to those who have earned respect. He utilizes the remainder of his time looking through the multiverse on Lycenium with Yekcim, or studying the power of magic on Lavain with Nerue. Zaan also spends time on Verajhal with Sadric and Elvis discussing the ethics of intervention regarding their worshipers. Zaan finds particular interest in unique beings similar and different than himself, often inviting them to call the Cradle home. Zaanephrim has a whole host of rare and magical creatures at his beckon call who believe in his purpose; the preservation and creation of life. Zaan’s quest for knowledge and wisdom have brought him close to the Creator, he is certain the god “I Am” exists. During a quest with Elvis they discovered the ultimate evil. This being had no real interest in the affairs of the pantheon or their enemies. Material power to Lucifer is irrelevant; pouring his hate and control into the temptations of evil and power is more to his liking. All the gods and demons recognize this power and inadvertently serve his will by doing evil. Elvis found the Paradox Scrolls on their quest and hid them from the evil being who then swatted them back through the multiverse with a wave of his cosmic hand. Now the two pantheons secretly study the ancient writings, written at the beginning of time by Angels who were the first sons of the Creator in the multiverse. Making sense of the text has proven impossible, so the quest for the secrets of the multiverse goes on.

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