The Glory of Mhandelore

Mhandalore Burns!!!
Gith's Chronicle

Before we moved on, the Satyr told us a bit about himself. “As I said before, my name is Zethrendall. You can call me Zeth for short. I am the last surviving member of the Alliance of Ephates….the youngest of twelve. My comrades have fallen while hunting Esmarelda the Enchanted. Do you know of her?”. We all looked at each other questioningly for a moment, then shrugged in disappointment. He continued, “She is the queen of the Blood Mountain Argonauts. She has a black raven familiar named Ezmas, and we believe she is currently hiding in Mhandalore. Her magic must be uncovered and stopped for we fear she is part of a bigger plot against the city.” He also told us of a Yuan-ti Abomination nearby and an ancient guardian Dark Creeper monster; both of which had killed some of his kin. My insight told me that Zeth was genuine and he wasn’t lying to us. We told him a brief version of our situation and he answered that we’d have to kill the abomination to get out of the sewers to the dig site. Rico immediately gathered all the info he could about the abom and his surroundings from Zeth and devised a plan. We would gather all our oil,alchemist’s fire, and thunderstones into a barrel and make a surprise attack on the abomination by throwing it on him, simultaneously setting him ablaze and disorienting the massive amounts of large bats that Zeth said surrounded him in the cave. The plan was almost foolproof. Unfortunately the one we chose to throw the barrel happened to be a fool.

Qualen moved silently into the cavern to try and locate the Yuan-ti Abomination. She made a slight noise that caused a few bats to start flying around but it wasn’t very loud and nothing else had yet detected her. Brute, who stood at the entrance to the cavern holding the super bang barrel, got spooked from hearing those bats take flight and hurled the barrel full strength into the darkness. It exploded in a massive ball of fire, sound, and light….and did damage to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Two things it did do however were; make all the bats in the entire cavern go completely crazy, and light up the entire area where we were sitting ducks to the Abom as well as the multiple giant bats that had now appeared. Brute had thrown the barrel in the opposite direction of the target. NO Brute!! NO! Bad Orc!! The giant bats began to swoop down and attempt to grab us up. One grabbed web and tried to fly off but I stunned it with a soundblast spell and it dropped him. I didnt think before I cast it though. The spell also hit Web and combined with the fall damage he took from the height, he was almost dead when he hit the ground. I ran for web with a heal but the abom dropped him with an arrow from a nice looking bow before I could get half way to him. When I finally got to Web the Yuan-ti turned his bow on me and took me from the conscious world before I could heal him. As my sight blacked out I knew we were finished because I wouldn’t be able to heal anyone if I was dead. As I lay there unconscious and dying in a dream state, I heard the voice of my God say in my head “Not yet my son, I shall meet you in person much later.” Suddenly I awoke to Zeth standing over me and smiling. “Welcome back!” he said. Thank the gods! He had neglected to mention that he could heal! As I looked around I noticed that the battle had turned around while I was sleeping on the job. Only one big bat remained and the Abomination was about to die. We quickly finished the fight and then searched the area. Zeth found his equipment he had lost before and lots of other treasure and gear that we split up accordingly. We took five then moved on.

Soon we came to a hallway that opened into a small room. I happened to be at the back of the line so I didn’t see it in time to warn anyone. No one else could see but I could…A small line of arcane energy through physical space that my friends were currently walking through. I called out to them “Guys, that looks like an illusion of some kind up there, lookout!”. As I spoke arrows flew into the people at the front of the group. As each enemy attacked us they became visible afterwards, an invisibility trap! The last enemy to show itself was a blue scaled dragonmage…A kind of draconic humanoid. He was very resistent to our weapons. Father had told me of creatures that could resist certain types of elemental damage or damage from unenchanted weapons, so I cast a magic weapon spell on Harlows blade, while Zeth also produced something magical to use. They still had trouble hitting the dragonkin, but once they did, the damage was there. We dispatched that group relatively easy. Afterwards, we looted the corpses, took another five, then moved on. The next battles would not prove to be so easy.

We finally arrived at the dig site, and in the Main Artifact Chamber no less! Thermon was there fighting for his life and failing. Several goblins and hobgoblins were scattered around the room, as well as a large troll with a steel gauntlet for a hand, two very large Ophidians, and another of the dragonkin mages we’d encountered earlier. The troll had a big beautiful sword locked in the gauntlet and was heading our way with it. Rico amazed us all by jumping at the troll and somehow disarming the sword from his steel hand. It immediately flew towards Thermon while at the same time speaking to us all telepathically. It’s words rang out in our minds “My name is Ithayord. You all must help Thermon and myself defeat this horde. Try to disrupt the mage while luring the troll near the Artifact in the center of the room!”. So everyone immediately spread out and started following the swords commands. Between the troll, goblin arrows, and a mysterious undead orb that was floating around killing people, I had my hands completely full trying to heal everyone. Zeth made for the mage so I had no heal help from him. I was finally able to turn the undead orb, and enchant Morovans bow while the sword did the same to Heather’s so they could hit the mage who was in a trance casting some kind of powerful spell. By this time corpses were starting to animate from his casting, including Negras! Luckily, before he could complete the spell everyone, including Thermon and the Ithayord, was able to break his concentration, and then finally kill him. After the dragonmage fell the sword was able to banish the remaining enemies which were few by this point. The giant steel gauntlet dropped to the ground at the feet of harlow, who had just gotten an incredible bullrush on the troll before it vanished. After the battle we brought Thermon up to speed on our betrayal and the note from Patric. He told us that by saving him just now we might have saved Mhandalore. We would be heroes if we lived through this day. He didn’t have time to explain it entirely but there are more than one of these artifact dig sites, and if even one of them falls to the ritual that these mages are doing then the whole of Mhandalore could fall. As he explained this, the sword floated up near the Artifact and joined with it for a moment. There was a fantastic light. We didn’t really understand what it was doing, but we had never seen anything like it and were completely in awe of it. Afterwards the sword returned to Thermon. He then used it to remove the Ophidian curse from Harlow and Morovan who had recently been infected. But unfortunately it was unable to remove the goblin fear effects. Thermon didnt waste any time, after a five minute break he said firmly, “Come on everyone…we haven’t much time”

When we came up out of the digsite we did not find the sweet fresh air and bright sunlight of Mhandalore that we were hoping for. In fact the contrary; the sky was dark with a blanket of pitch black, almost magical clouds and the air stank of burning buildings and human flesh. Bodies littered the ground and screams of agony and death could be heard in the distance. We maintained our composure but there was no doubt about it….our morale was shaken to see our glorious homeland desecrated like this. First a sense of fear and dread came over us, then as we saw a troop of goblins approaching from the south, that fear was replaced by anger and a mighty thirst for vengeance. We all instantly fired on the goblins, killing all but 2 of them. They turned and ran but not quickly enough…Qualen critically hit one with a dagger to the head and Heather put two arrows right in the back of the other. We came to a fork in the road at Feriona’s house which for some reason was not burning and Thermon said “We must part ways, at least for now. There are others whom safety I must see to 1st, but we will meet again. Make your way east and help whoever you can on the way. If the North District is lost then make your way to the Vosa University, I’ll be along shortly after. Zeth, I shall have need of you for this task if you would accompany me?”, to which Zeth replied, “Of course”. They both bowed to us and then headed off to the south as we saw a very large contingent of trolls and goblins approaching from the west. We hurried to the east in Phalanx formation. What we saw before us was a battlefield that made the carnage in the sewers seem like a light scuffle. People layed dead and dying all over the place with goblinkin and ophidians scattered everywhere. About 350ft to the east we could see a group of townspeople trying to make a stand with a good number of warriors protecting them against some trolls. Among the protectors were Astero Fett, Feriona, Morgan, and several other talented fighters we hadn’t seen before. Heather put two arrows into the troll that was attacking Astero from over 110 yards away. When they saw where the arrows had come from all the citizens cheered at us, and the protectors breathed a sigh of relief. But we still had to get to them. 110 yards feels like an eternity away when people are dying and they need your help… I knew that by the time I got to them to help half of them would be dead. We maintained phalanx at the start of battle but soon we noticed the massive wave of enemies coming from the west and had to break formation and run. Right when all seemed lost something else we’d never seen occurred. As the troops from the west finally got in range to kill some of us, a massive bronze dragon flew out of a cloud of smoke to the south and zapped a troll with its lightning breath. Then he layed waste to twelve or more goblins with some kind of blast wave spell that amazed us all. As we stood there in shock from seeing a dragon for the 1st time he called out to us, “My name is Terrathon, I’m a friend of Thermon’s and I’m here to help!”. He was quite large with shiny Mithril barding over his chest and he stood in dragon form on his hind legs with a large spear about three times the size of a Mhando spear. Harlow, Heather, and Morovan stayed back to help Terrathon while the rest rushed to Astero and the others. Again the battle turned for the worse. The three trolls and many goblins and ophidians finally wore the dragon down as well as Harlow, while the rest of us to the east killed endless mobs from all directions except the west. Right in time to save the day Thermon, Zeth, Atwela, and a group of young clerics appeared from the south and the sentient sword Ithayord was able to cast Resurrection on the dragon. Then Terrathon killed the rest of the enemies from the west, grabbed Harlow, healed him, and flew towards Thermon. And as Atwela and her young apprentices arrived to where we were protecting the townspeople, suddenly I wasnt overcome with dying people, these children had strong healing powers for their age. When this battle finally came to an end there was so much carnage strewn about the area that it is a permanent memory burned in my mind….Ill never be able to forget it. We all regrouped, healed up, and took a small break while briefing Astero and the others on everything. When we finished Astero ordered us to continue on to Patric for the antidote, and then meet up at the Vosa University. I can only hope that Patric thinks us to be dead in the sewers so that maybe we can have a chance at surprise.

Mission Log - Ophidian Invasion
From the notes of Rico Fett

– Exited caverns/sewers through dig site entrance, found Thurman in gas-filled ruins outnumbered by enemies and another half-dragon standing over magical artifact
– Disarmed troll holding Thurman’s sword which immediately returned to him, got knocked into wall with troll’s magical gauntlet
– Battle raged for a considerable amount of time until Blood Mountain Argonaut was slain, ending his spell to create undead army
– Exited dig site into north district under attack and burning, slaughtered hobgoblins and ophidians while making way through city
– Split with Thurman and Zeth and turned west towards Ghunstar mansion and large battle
– Formed phalanx and used effectively until enemies approached from behind, Thurman’s bronze dragon engaged the trolls and others trying to flank us, giving us opportunity to break formation and rush to aid of civilians
– Battled a seemingly endless flood of enemies until civilians were safe and formed phalanx to lead them to safety
– Covering civilians route which passed by Ghunstar mansion where we left them to Astero and broke off to find Patric

Mission Log - North District Sewers
From the notes of Rico Fett

– Reported to Patric Gunstar; entered sewers
– Evidence of goblin lair east of entrance
– Encountered goblins in south corridor; Qualin grappled by slime, attempted to free her
– Gabe detonates explosive slime which injures himself, Qualin, and myself
– In midst of combat with goblins I am impaled in the back by Gabe, unconscious
– Came to with healing from Githeran; comrades finish Gabe off
– Flush came near end of battle, remaining goblins escaped with flush
– Returned to entrance to rest
– Woke up attacked by hobgoblin commanding ophidians
– Killed hobgoblin with ranged attacks; engaged ophidians; enemies joined goblin
– Defeated ophidians and goblins; Harlow infected with disease by ophidian
– Found secret waterway through southern vent; retrieved supplies and pressed on
– Encountered Brutas saying north district is under attack and tried to convince us to exit sewers asap, he was obviously lying but we followed him forwards to confirm
– Ambushed by hobgoblins and kobolds led by the traitor Brutas, engaged enemies
– Harlow falls in pit fighting Brutas, engaged Brutas myself directly, during battle Brutas shows signs of poison use
– Accidentally taken down by Negra, luckily avoided same acid poison that killed Dalen due to being incapacitated
– Revived after combat, learned Negra sacrificed himself to slay the traitor Brutas
– Found letter clearing Abackus but incriminating Gabriel, Brutas, & Patric; rested and healed
– Comrades use identifying sigil to find exit from goblins in west cavern
– Ran to fight goblins, kobolds, & ophidians after sigil ruse failed
– Defeated enemies with little problem, we are getting better at this
– Found captive satyr named Zeth who offered to help us get out if we defeat yuan-ti abomination in southwest cavern
– Devised plan to disorient giant bats in yuan-ti cavern using explosives and smoke, plan completely botched by half-orc moron Brute, engaged kobolds, ophidians, giant bats, & yuan-ti abomination without planned advantage
– Defeated enemies after long hard battle, short rest and heal
– Moved on towards exit to south, ambushed by invisible kobolds, goblins, & ophidians
– Half-Dragon appeared during battle and devastated us with magic
– One particular magical attack (burning hands) damaged us twice as bad as normal due to luck being on half-dragon’s side (rolled a 20) <- called on male bovine excrement
– Barely defeated half-dragon after taking heavy losses, quick rest and heal

Down the Craphole
Gith's Chronicle

Astero Fett was not happy about the mission we’d been given. High Risk Mission…Casualties Likely… He did not like hearing those words about a mission that two of his sons would be on. He gave every member of Gold Team a potion of water breathing with a 1 hour duration. We would be in his heart and mind until he saw us again. We all went to bed early the night before the mission so we’d be well rested. It’s a good thing we did too because about halfway through the night we were all woken by guards and escorted secretly to the library. Domo was there as well as Batrice Boldstar whom A-team would be escorting. Domo said that there had been a change of plans for the A-team. They were now to take the flagship of Mhandalore, The Twilight Chaser. We all were brought to the dock to say our farewells.

When I heard flagship I naturally assumed I’d see a vessel floating on the water… To my surprise it was an airship! An amazing airship at that. The rear of the hull was opened up with wagons and horses being loaded into it. I could tell from the many compartments and armaments on the outside of it that the Twilight Chaser had a wide array of military applications. I wanted to go inside pretty bad. Actually I was starting to envy the A-team a little because their orders took them to this glorious airship and ours as Gold Team took us to where all the shit in Mhandalore goes, the sewers! I put my childish envy aside and bid my friends farewell. All except Grixus entered the ship. Apparantly he was to be Domo’s understudy from now on. Domo dismissed us and we returned to the Fett House. We all got to talking and decided that there were a couple of things we’d like to do before reporting to Patric. Several of us, myself included, were skeptical about some of the characters that Patric surrounded himself with, namely Failgrim. Especially after his ominous viewing of the party right before pack was almost assassinated. We went to try to gather some more info about him. Heather, Morovan, and Myself went to visit our uncle Faltabore. As I’d expected, he was not happy to hear of the danger involved with our mission. Unlike Astero who had a son on the A-team, Faltabore could lose all 3 of us on this one mission. But he did point out that us three are stronger together than when we’re seperated…He’d rather us not be apart should something go awry. We asked him about the kidnappings and he said that he didn’t believe the Nomads gathering together had anything to do with it. And when we asked about Failgrim he said that he didn’t know much of him, but nothing he had heard about him had ever been good or honorable. “Failgrim is a lesser son of greater sires, he’s always hidden in the shadow of his older brothers.” Faltabore said. We talked to him for awhile longer then said our goodbyes. Our uncle wished us good luck and courage as he sent us on our way. While we were visiting our uncle; Brut, Rico, and the rest of Gold Team went to the bar again. I asked them later if they found out anything useful. They had a conversation with Feriona and she told them that she thinks something is wrong in North District. She cant put her finger on it but she has the feeling that there is treachery afoot. When they asked her about Failgrim she just said that he’s a greedy little money hoarder and she doesn’t care for him at all. Astero didn’t have anything good to say about Failgrim either; in fact the more we asked different people about him, the more we came to the conclusion that Failgrim is just a little fat worthless fuck! By now we had just a little time before we had to report to Patric for the mission, and I decided that I needed to see Domo Fett one last time before we did. After frantically trying to find him for almost an hour, we finally found out that he wasn’t even in the city anymore. This troubled me. The one man that I was totally sure I could trust with our theory about Failgrim being a badguy and he wasn’t even in town anymore? If that ain’t fishy then I don’t know what is. After hearing our thoughts about Failgrim and possibly Patric too for all we knew, Rico looked at me and said “Think what you want. We’re on a mission and we will carry it out! We’re soldiers of Mhandalore and we will prevail, just follow your orders!”. I was glad that at least one of us was confident about the situation. Rico led us out of the Fett house to the building where we would report to Patric.
When we entered we saw Patric standing in the middle of a room with two guards and the man they introduced as Gabe the day before. In another part of the room about 20ft behind Patric, stood Dirsten and Failgrim. Dirsten looked angry and he had his finger in Fail’s face reprimanding him for something. As we approached Patric I strained to hear what they were talking about, but the only 2 words I was able to make out were “ten days”. When they noticed us the dwarves both grew silent. Patric began to brief us on the mission. Same story as before, high risk high reward mission, were the best of the best, blah blah blah. Then he said that we’d be down there for ten days and that didnt sound right. I raised my hand with the question “We were told it would be for seven days, has the mission changed?”. Gabe spoke up with a bunch of mission parameters bullcrap about the flush lasting 10days and it having to stay locked the whole time, but it wasn’t very believable. I even told them we’d only been given 7 days rations and Patric just said to eat less. What a douche. Oh well, we’re stuck following orders. So down the craphole we went.
The stench of the sewers was rough. It took effort just to function without gagging on your own breath and when we heard that steel hatch vacuum seal above us, we knew we were in for the long haul, do or die. We investigated the immediate area for a few hours while hiding our supplies and searching for clues. During which we found some broken goblin equipment and the ribcage of what could only be a human child. I said a prayer over the remains. Qualen threw an alchemist’s fire onto some rats and ignited a cloud of methane gas which burned her pretty bad, I went to her and cast a heal. Rico muttered a sarcastic comment about her being stupid or something but I couldn’t hear it over Brutes laughter. I must admit I giggled about it afterwards. By the time all this had transpired several flushes had happened and we noticed that right before a flush occurs, the gas thickens and moves in the direction of the flush. Very helpful info that wasn’t in the mission briefing haha. We decided to move on.
As Gabe led us through the sewers we came across a massive green slime. By the time we realized what it was the people in front were already trapped in it. About that time four arrows flew out of the shadows beyond the slime and one of them hit me in the leg. I immediately pulled it out and healed myself. Then, without any regard for hurting himself or any of us, Gabe pulled out an alchemist fire and threw it on the slime. It exploded on contact and hurt all the people in front. Fortunately Gabe took the brunt of the damage or qualen would’ve probably died from it. After the smoke cleared from the slime we could see where the arrows had come from…Goblins!! Mission accomplished! We proved the existance of goblins in the sewers. Heather and Gullee sent a volley of arrows and downed those four goblins while about six more ran up from behind the corpses and took more shots on us. Rico turned to Me, Heather, and Webb and yelled “Attaaaack!”. As he yelled his battle shout, We saw the tip of Gabriel’s spear come protruding out his chest and his yell was silenced by a gargle of blood. Rico fell to the ground, almost dead and utterly betrayed. After seeing this Harlow went into a berserker rage. He leaped at Gabe with a critical slash to his chest, spilling his guts into the dank sewer water. Gabes body slumped down on top of his entrails as I healed rico back to his senses. When Rico finally looked at me coherantly I said to him “Still just followin orders? Still think nothings afoot?”. he just smiled at me and said “Some people are gonna PAY for this!”. I held out my hand and helped Rico to his feet. We searched Gabe’s body and found several things, including a set of clerics armor that he obviously took off the last people he had betrayed, then we went back to the entrance where we had our supplies hidden.
After gabe’s betrayal and our successful mission, we were content to wait out the rest of our stay in the sewers right here and report when they opened the hatch above. As fate would have it we weren’t allowed to do that. On the first night of rest we were attack by a Hobgoblin, sixteen goblins, and four Ophidians (lizard men)…all at once! Gullee pulled a heroic maneuver by igniting a gas cloud with a flaming arrow that obliterated eight goblins. Heather and Web took out the other eight goblins while the rest of the grp handled the Ophidians. Unfortunately one of the ophidians bit Harlow and infected him with a serious disease which is beyond my skill to heal. We had to find an alternate way to the surface if we were to save Harlow. We decided to go in the hole that the goblins had come out of and try to backtrack to the surface however they came. We had to use our waterbreathing potions to swim the distance. We finally came to a tunnel that wasnt full of water and followed it. As we walked we came across Brutas Beviin who we’d met back in basic training. This was a surprise. He yelled out that Mhandalore was being invaded and we had to get to the surface immediately. Before we could really respond he ran off down the tunnel telling us to follow him. We didn’t have much choice so we did. And of course we followed him into another trap. This time there were kobolds with the goblins, and Brutas to deal with. When they fired on us I yelled to Brutas “This treachery runs deep!!”, he replied, “Hahaha! You won’t survive this day to find out just how deep!”. Right then one of the kobold exploded a vial of gas right on us. Everyone except Rico and myself were instantly scared of the goblins and kobolds. They could hardly even attack them, it made the fight ridiculously hard. Brute would fall, and I’d heal him, then he’d fall again. Negra was taking damage and so was I. Harlow charged Brutas and fell into a pit trap, things were getting ugly. Finally we killed their kobold healer and a few more to even the odds. Thats when Brutas did the same. He bit into something on his wrist, jumped over the pit trap that Harlow was in, and spit poison at all of us. It didnt hit everyone, but those that it hit got hit hard. We all realized that the poison is his mouth was probably what Phillip had used when he killed Dalen. Everyone was desperately trying to down Brutas before he could do anything else, but no one could seem to get a hit on him. I had a choice- Heal Brute, Heal Negra, or Heal myself. I made what I thought was the smartest choice and healed my self because I’m the healer. I didn’t realize it was also the most selfish choice. Negra also had a choice to make- sacrifice one life to save many, or just let everyone die. It was a choice that he didn’t even have to think about. Without hesitation Negra bullrushed Brutas into the pit trap behind him just as he bit down on the capsule in his mouth. It splattered the deadly poison all over both of them and it devoured both their bodies and souls. Harlow was still in the trap but he was able to get out of the way as Negra made the ultimate sacrifice and they tumbled into the pit. I screamed out in anger and sadness as negra died because I realized that I made the selfish choice and he made the selfless one. Negra taught me; taught us all a lesson this day, and it’s one I’ll not soon forget. I vow before Zaanephrim himself that you will be avenged Negra…You shall not die in vain my friend!

After the battle and the loss of our friend we were all literally wiped out, both mentally and physically. We had to rest. Almost as if Negra’s spirit was still with us and boosted us somehow, when we were done resting we were all stronger. I had new spells in my mind and everyone else just looked stronger and more ready for the world…Thanks Negra. We searched Brutas’ body and aside from his gear we found a note (see wiki) along with a sigil. This note explains alot. We must make haste to the surface, if this note is true then the invasion of Mhandalore starts today! We hurried on. Soon we came across a goblin group sitting around a campfire. We decided that I should try to comprehend languages and speak with them to maybe learn the quickest way out. This worked for a minute but they didn’t quite buy my bluff. He bluffed me and I fell for it then they fired on us. Big mistake. We all started unleashing our newfound power on them. I was killing goblins two at a time with my soundblast spell, while my comrades cleaved through countless goblins and kobolds, even while still under their fear gas from the day before. Qualen was hiding in shadows and ganking gobbies left and right. More Ophidians came but no one else was bitten, thank the gods. This was definately the most epic battle we’ve had so far in terms of body count. The cavern was just a massive scene of blood and guts, and it smelled atrocious. We found a cage with a tarp thrown over it. There was a brutally tortured Satyr inside on the brink of death. We released him and I healed him up. He thanked us intensely and said his name was Zethrendall. He had given up all hope of survival. He swears a lifedebt to us, as we have saved his life. At this point we will take a friend wherever we can get one….Come along little fella, we gotta get the hell outta here!
Pack's Partial Penile Paralysis
Chronicle of Gith Montroze
When Domo arrived on the scene he put the North District on Lockdown, meaning all non Mhandalorians were to be sent to the Hamen Home Apts., while the rest of us were sent to the barracks. The cleric who had helped with the trolls was named Atwela, she healed everyone that she could after the battle but was only able to save five…I aspire to be as good a healer as she one day. She told Domo that she will submit a report of what happened but first she must rest. Before we were dismissed, we were all questioned about the battle. Thermon was already gone, just as suddenly as he’d arrived on the scene. Domo dismissed us and said to report in the morning to attend his brothers funeral. Next day, before the funeral, we were commended for fighting off the trolls. The funeral itself was a huge service. Banners of the Fett clan were hung everywhere and most of North District showed up to pay their respects. Astero Fett spoke for the most part of the service. After him, Domo arose to say some words as well. Dalen Fett’s body was laid to rest in a Mausoleum which we all had to carry his coffin to. After the funeral Domo announced that he would reluctantly take a temporary spot on the Council to replace Dalen for now. He also said for all clans to beware; the happenings of late have been highly abnormal. – Alan thinks he’s cool with a DM’s note, but he doesn’t know we’re trash talking him in the maptool chatbox :P - After his announcements Domo said that our entire company is probably being watched so the barracks may not be a safe place for us to be right now. Instead we are invited to stay in the Fett house, where Astero resides. After we got settled in, we were granted another night of leave so we decided to go to the bar again. On our way there we saw the spellcaster that had helped us in our barfight against the thieves, Morgan. As she came out of her house we asked if she would like to accompany us to the bar for a drink, to which she accepted. When we arrived we noticed all the Justifiers sitting around their normal table. Thermon had also made his way here and was sitting at a table near the bar. On the other side of the room from Thermon’s table we saw Patric Ghunstar, the man who had interrogated Phiilip before Dalen’s death, sitting at a table of his own with a dwarf and another human. We all found a place to sit and started drinking. Feriona walked out and suddenly split into seven duplicates of herself. They all proceded to take everyones orders and serve us, while one of them just sat at the bar and filed her fingernails…I assumed that was the actual Feriona making her clones do all the work, very talented she is. After everyone was served the other Ferionas rejoined their master to become one again. After I got my drink the big blue bird winston summoned me over to him with a nod. I obliged him and walked over. He was very excited and started asking me lots of questions about the troll battle. After telling him that we were indeed the guards that helped with the trolls, I remembered what Domo had said about being careful and laying low. I told Winston that I was under orders not to talk about it and he understood. He only said “I completely understand your orders and thanks so much, you’ve confirmed my curiosities on the matter. I’ll ask no more. Please accept this token of my appreciation.” He grabbed a large nice looking gem from the bottom of his cage and tossed it onto the floor near me. He said “Buy a drink for everyone on me!”I looked at Feriona for approval and she just smiled at me and nodded to go ahead, so I took the gem and returned to my seat. I ordered a cheap beer for everyone, but paid with gold from my bag…I’d appraise the gem later. As we drank and carried on, we began to get louder and louder in the bar. Pack was trying to score with a pretty girl at the bar by gloating about our prowess in battle. On one of the toasts that someone made Pack said “To our GLORY!!” just a little too loud. Patric Ghunstar heard this and immediately got up from his chair and approached pack. We had only just heard earlier that day that Patric would be our commanding officer after graduation. He walked up to Pack and demanded his attention. I couldnt tell exactly what was said between them from where I was sitting, but it seemed like nothing more than an ego trip for Patric. He made Pack buy himself and his buddies the most expensive drink in the place, the Red Lotus. When he got his drinks he made a toast. Something along the lines of, Here’s to having peons at your command and being an egomaniacal prick….at least thats about all I heard after peons hehe. Of course Pack couldn’t afford the total price of the drinks, so I pitched in an extra 112gp to cover it just so Patric would shut up and get out. After he and his buddies left, (the dwarf’s name is Failgrim Ironbear, brother to Blundar we later found out), we began chatting with the Justifiers and Thermon. Thermon commended us on our bravery against the trolls, monsters we had no business fighting at our current skill level. Trinity told us that shes been having trouble sleeping lately because of lots of chatter in her mind, she believes its coming from underground. The justifiers said they are going to investigate South District in the days to come. Two other interesting things we saw this time in the bar was Feriona’s other pets; a small pig with a broom attachment on its nose that it uses to sweep with, and a large tiger that just roams the place looking scary. After a good time at the bar we decided to call it a night and head back to the Fett house. The next day some of us wanted to go out again and see if anymore useful info could be acquired. I had a bad feeling about being out in the open after my slight info leak to the bird the night before, so I stayed inside. The only ones that went out were Negra, Qualen, Pack, Brute, and Gullee. They were only gone for an hour or so before they came rushing through the door of the Fett home carrying Pack on their shoulders. I asked what happened and they said someone stabbed Pack with something poisonous. The others heard him cry out in pain, but by the time they got to him Pack was on the ground and no one else was anywhere near. Luckily Brute had won the identification test in week one of training and he had the anti-toxin reward to use on pack which stabilized the poison and saved his life. When my sister Heather heard about this she was very upset…our father had been killed by poison as well; could this incident be related? I told everyone that was with Pack to descibe every detail of what happened, be it normal or suspicious. The only thing wierd that they reported was seeing a dwarf in the Hamen Apts. watching them out a window, then slowly closing the curtains as they walked by. Shortly after this was when Pack was attacked. Astero immediately summon the Loremaster to the house and they were able to stabilize Pack somewhat…he’s alive but still in a comatose state. Too bad for him we had to continue training the next day, so Pack will have to take his final tests at a later date. The last training challenges were very hard just like we’d expected. I ended training with a passing grade, but it took everything I had and more to do it, and it was a low passing grade. Of course my weakest area of training was saved for one of the last…the spear throw. I’m pretty good with a spear in my hand, but throwing it is a different story. I took the most careful aim as I could and hit the 1st 3 targets with relative ease. But the fourth and final target was so far away that I knew it would be a failed attempt. I closed my eyes and prayed to Lord Zaanephrim before I threw. I felt his holy power course through my body and when I released the spear, it was almost as if he’d thrown it himself; it flew straight and true all the way to the target and hit the bull’s eye. All my teammates were amazed. They knew, as did I, that the target was way out of my range. So after the way their swords bounced off of me in the Battle Royale challenge, and then this insane spear throw, we all sorta hoped that we had an angel on our side. So we ended up proving drill sergeant Abackus wrong. We all passed the training, not just seven of us. Of course Pack didn’t but thats because of other circumstances, and he will get his chance. At graduation we all got promoted to Specialist rank, and were given a shoulder guard to show it. We were also informed that the company is to be split up and have two seperate missions. Some of us were given insignias with A’s on them, and the rest were given insignias with a golden line or bar on them. The A team is to escort Gailrick Boldstar’s wife, Batrice, northward to see her sister. While we’re there our orders are to investigate a blacksmith by the name of Treblabore who makes Masterwork weapons and armor. Also we are to gather information about any and everything we can. The Gold team is to stay behind and act as a sort of homeland security. Intel reports state that the goblins may be using the sewers under Mhandalore to enter into the city, which is highly likely after hearing Trinity’s words about chatter underground. We are to explore the sewers for answers and evidence of goblins. We’re all given one weeks rations, 1 anti-toxin, 1 climbing kit, and one healing salve. Patric is to be Gold teams commanding officer. He warned us that this is a very dangerous mission with a high mortality rate… sigh Just what we wanted to hear. He warns us of what they call the flush; basically some areas of the sewer flood with water periodically, and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll just end up dead. Our orders are to find a suitable place to set up a camp, then scout for one week before reporting back. Patric also says that someone named Gabe will accompany us too. He even mentions again that we are very brave, and to be very careful because this is a most deadly mission. Damn…..why do I get the horrible feeling that Patric is sending us underground to our gruesome deaths??
The Plot Thickens
Chronicle of Githeran Montroze

As we were preparing to leave the bar and go report the nights happenings, to our surprise, Domo Fett walked in accompanied by six Commandos. He immediately called us to attention and asked for one of us to report. Rico stepped up and he asked for someone else. So then Vanglore stepped up and Domo said, “Come with me! The rest of you stay here.”. They all left for awhile then returned to debrief us. Vanglore had taken them to the goblin battle site and evidently all the bodies and the net had been removed. Very puzzling that the goblins, or someone else, had removed alot of the evidence that collaborated our report. There was still enough evidence there in the way of tracks and broken weapons to convince Domo as to the validity of our report. He believed us. He then had the 6 Mhandalorian Commandos escort the surviving prisoner from the bar battle away to the courthouse. His name was Phillip. After the debriefing Feriona stepped in and told Domo of the whole bird fiasco. She said that the spells she had to use to recapture Winston cost her 5000 gold in components and she was going to hold Qualen until that debt was paid. Domo paid the debt to Feriona and told her that Qualen owed him now, he would get it out of her however he saw fit. She agreed and released Qualen then returned her to her human form. Then Domo dismissed us all to the barracks with orders to get cleaned up and meet at the Courthouse, so we did. We weren’t aloud to take our weapons into the courthouse.
When we arrived we were all escorted into a large court/council room. Seated before us was a number of important Mhandalorians; Blundar Boldstar, Addle Galactus Boldstar, Patric Ghunstar, Gailrick Boldstar, Dalen Fett, Domo Fett, Astero Fett, and my uncle Faltabore Montroze. Seated to the right of Faltabore was a large Cloud Giant that none of us recognized. Also on either side, seated nearer to us than the others, was a Fey and an Eran, obviously detectors of magic and the like. Domo Fett was the 1st to speak. He told us all that we’d done well in our training, and have excelled beyond the call of duty by bringing down a goblin troup and thwarting the robbery attempt at the Good Harvest, all before even completing basic training. We were to be promoted to Private 1st Class, all of us. Sparrow was given a medal of honor for falling in combat in the Good Harvest; that had been quite the battle according to Harlow and Morovan, who told me a pretty good account of it all. He also said that they had need of our regiment sooner than expected, so they were gonna accelerate our training as to get us in action sooner. All the same training as we would normally get, except in less time so it would be extra hard on us. “Great” I thought to myself with a sigh. Domo proceded to tell us that they had concerns about these goblin incursions, and were deciding to keep them as secret as possible for now. Other reports stated that there had been disappearances of random women and children throughout North District. Upon hearing this, Rico Fett raised his hand asking for permission to speak, which Domo allowed. Rico asked if there was any pattern to the disappearances, and had there been any reports of women capable of defending themselves being taken? Upon hearing the latter part of the question, my uncle Faltabore appeared shaken emotionally. Domo confessed that yes capable women had been taken, including one of my cousins, a daughter of Faltabore. Domo then asked if any others among us had questions to ask, if so to ask them now. At this Sparrow spoke up and asked about the artifact dig site. Domo sounded surprised when he asked, " To what dig site do you refer??". We explained the rumor we’d heard about it and Domo just responded that yes they were digging for it, but thats something else they’d like to keep very secret for now so lets just leave it at a rumor and dont ask about it again. After the questions, Domo finally said that the prisoner from the bar, Phillip, was to be interrogated shortly, but 1st he read us a letter that they were able to intercept. A very curious letter indeed written to Phillip from someone named Lord Blackwood(see wiki). After reading the letter he ordered silence in the room as the prisoner was escorted in. Patric Ghunstar stood up, I guessed that he would do the questioning. Shortly after Phillip was seated the Fey and Eran that sat on opposite ends of the room got alarmed looks on their faces and motioned to Patric that something was wierd about Phillip. Patric was unmoved, he said “I’m not afraid of this scumbag!”. He proceded to ask Phillip several questions about the goblins, the letter, the bar robbery, and several other things and people. Phil wouldnt give any straight answers, he just replied in sarcastic riddles and nonsense. Finally Patric said “Damn you! You better start giving me some real answers! You’re facing a death sentence!”. About that time the Fey and Eran seers both said aloud,“Somethings happening!”. Suddenly Phillip’s voice changed. It grew deeper in tone and more evil in nature. He said condascendingly “Yes you are right!! I have the name, it has come to me! But I will only tell it to a Highlord of Mhandalore!” Upon hearing this Dalen Fett stood up from his seat and walked up to stand in front of the now demon sounding Phillip. He said “I am a Highlord you pathetic fool! You’ll answer to me or die!!”. Right when the word “die” came from Dalen’s mouth, Phillips jaw suddenly clenched and a large stream of acid sprayed from his mouth. To our surprise, Dalen seemed completely unready to dodge the attack; it hit him square in his face and he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Within seconds the acid had completely eaten Phillips head and upper shoulders as his body fell to the floor. Dalens face and head was turned to green goo within those few seconds as well. The loud demonic voice that had been Phillip’s laughed sardonically thoughout the room and then faded, even though Phil’s head was obliterated. Rico immediately sprang from his chair to help his uncle but was stopped in his tracks when he caught a slight breath of the super toxic fumes of the acid that just dropped Dalen. Domo and all the others were scrambling about now. Domo screamed for the Loremaster that had been nearby to come heal his brother. The Loremaster cast several spells of healing and resurrection but was unable to save Dalen. He looked at Domo sadly and said, “There’s nothing we can do….This came from the pit…..his soul is gone.” Domo screamed in anger. They all told us to retreat to the barracks and await further orders, so thats what we did.

After the day’s events thus far we all were at our wits end and tired physically. But that didnt mean a damn thing to Abackus. Yes after all the wild shit we’d seen we still had to finish training. We had 2 jump challenges; Heather won the 1st one and Sparrow won the second. Then there was an Intuit Direction challenge where we were all teleported to the middle of a forest and left to find our way home solo with no help. Out of all of us the only ones that didn’t get lost were Hitt, Harlow, Grixus, and Negra. Finally we came to the last challenge, Battle Royale. This challenge was the most unexpected but I must say, the most fun. We were seperated into two well rounded teams, each complete with a healer, ranged, and mellee damage dealers. We had to literally atack each other with intent to kill. There was an enchantment on the battlefield which teleported us out as soon as any of us would’ve normally died. My team was outnumbered because Ferald being a part of the group made us an odd-numbered unit, So we had to kill 10 of them with only 9 of us. And for awhile I thought we were going to do it. When the battle started I heard Morovan say “Take down Gith! If they can’t heal they can’t win!”. And of course we knew to do the same, take out jordan and we have the upper hand. It was a wild battle. When Morovan called out to take me down, I almost think it jinxed them all. I was targeted by 6 or 7 different people and they all fumbled over each other when they attacked me; it was like I had divine protection from my god, I loved it. But finally my luck ran out and they took me down. Unfortunately, my team was unable to overcome adversity and take out the larger team, but we gave em a hell of a good fight. To our surprise, when the other team won, they made them turn on each other and start fighting…this was fun to watch. The epic battle came down to 2 combatants- My sister Heather, who I secretly hoped would win even though she had been shooting at me earlier haha…and Gullee Boldstar, one of the other bowshooters on the team. As fate would have it, Gullee triumphed over my sister the hunter. Good show Gullee, Good show! After the Final Training day, we were all dismissed to get some rest and told to report next morning for our 1st small assignment. On the day before we’d noticed more airships and zeppelins in the air than usual but we thought nothing of it. When Domo came in with our mission briefing he explained that this week was air week; the time when Mhandalore celebrates it’s wondrous mechanical flying machines. Our mission was to dress casually and explore the District Square, where there would be an airshow this day, to hopefully gather some useful information about the disappearances or maybe the goblin attacks. Sounded simple enough. We all were given 100 gold to spend at the fair on things so as to look natural. We spread out and all entered the square from different roads. I tried to stay in visual contact with at least 3 of my friends at all times in case something went awry. And sure enough something did. We’d been there for over an hour and I personally hadn’t heard a single piece of useful intel. I was thinking how I hoped my comrades were having better luck at gathering info when I heard it. A loud roar accompanied by several high pitched screams. The screams were innocent bystanders witnessing something terrible in the square to which I couldnt see just yet; a large merchant cart blocked my view of the inner square from where I happened to be. I rushed towards the commotion as everyone else was rushing toward me to get away, which gave me a VERY bad feeling. I rounded the cart just in time to see a massive troll rip a Mhandalorian Guard into two pieces…his legs flew one way and his torso the other. Hitt and Pack were already taking missile attacks at the troll. Then I heard a loud flesh-ripping sound as I looked to the right and saw a 2nd troll tearing its way to its full size out of some kind of magical human disguise. Seconds later a 3rd troll did the same thing just about 50 ft past the 2nd troll from where I was. As I watched these trolls rip through the guards and citizens like so much paper I realized that this could very well be all our ends. I sent a quick prayer to Zaanephrim and the battle was on. Fortunately for us there were lots of guards patrolling the area…not so fortunate for the guards themselves though. They charged the trolls and tried to keep them busy at melee while we all took ranged attacks to bring them down. Only our ranged attacks were just not doing enough damage. I heard Grixus yell " WE NEED SOME BACKUP!!" but none came. The 2nd troll finally tore through all the guards that were near it and set its sights on my friend Negra. Before Negra could react the troll charged him and sliced his chest wide open with one slash of its claws. Negra fell to the ground twitching. We were all so spread out that it seemed like an eternity before I could run all the way across the square to try and stabilize Negra. As I ran toward him, our prayers were answered and backup arrived. Apearing from behind a merchant cart was a human fighter that looked experienced. He cleaved into the troll with his sword and it roared in pain. Then suddenly, a normal looking woman that I hadn’t noticed standing near the troll raised her hands into the air and called down a massive pillar of holy flames…I could sense my gods power in the fire that hit the troll, the woman was a cleric! The troll fell to the ground as a burning mound of stinking flesh. I rushed to Negra to heal him and it took more than one heal to stabilize him. On the other side of the square the 1st troll that appeared had made his way to Harlow and was in the process of killing him. Harlow went down just as the Human fighter and cleric made it in range of the troll. After they got its attention Jordan was able to stabilize Harlow. At that point the battle finally turned in our favor and only one more guard was killed before the trolls went down. After the battle we cleared the area of citizens and as we waited for our superiors to show up I volunteered to take a chronicle from everyone of the info they may have acquired before the battle. Everyone agreed and began to tell me all they’d heard. Sparrow heard from a dwarf traveler that the Nomads had united for some reason and were flying four different flags. He saw them gathering in the south. Pack talked to a sailor that said a mysterious ship was spotted on the beaches near the Blood Mountains 200 miles north of the Frigid Straights. Vanglore heard a story about a Firelord in Ozganith named Cosimare who has marshalled a force of giants and is planning an attack on the elves of New Dawn. Also several conversations were overheard about the dig site, but nothing we didn’t know about already. Negra talked to a guard that told him about mysterious creatures some call the Kodan that were seen in the Bellagore Jungles. One of them was supposedly captured by orcs and held prisoner. On the 1st night after its capture all the orcs of that camp were slaughtered and the prisoner Kodan was gone the next morning. Finally, Rico Fett reported that he heard someone say that Madame Contessa has gotten a new crystal ball. So he went to her to investigate. She read his fortune for a gold piece. While she read it he noticed a man on the roof behind her so he asked if she knew who it was. She said that his name is Thermon, a quiet warrior who keeps to himself and is a bouncer at the Good Harvest Inn & Tavern. She believes him to be an armorsmith from Har Monyar, and for an extra gold piece she’d tell a secret about him. So Rico produced the goldpiece and she told him that Thermon is rumored to be over 200 years old but human, which is a little strange given humans short lifespan. Rico also clarified that the Unknown fighter that helped us in the troll fight was indeed Thermon who had seen battle break out from his rooftop perch. So after hearing about Thermon, Rico had her finish with his fortune. As she looked into her crystal ball again an uneasy look came over her face. Rico said that all she could say was “There is danger afoot! I fear for your safety. Before sunrise you shall be forced to fight for your life!”. And after that rico heard the scream of someone getting torn apart from behind him and knew the terrible truth that Madame Contessa was absolutely right… was time to fight!! Wow…..Domo Fett will have quite the report to read when he arrives haha.
Combat Log
Heather Montroze Reporting
We finally got a break from this horrendous bootcamp training! I am ready to relax and have a drink. Sparrow, Varian, Morovan, Jordan, Qualen, Harlow, and myself went to the Good Harvest Inn and Tavern. Upon entering I noticed a large cage in the corner of the room with a large blue bird inside watching everyone in the bar. We spread out a bit and began to mingle. I was immediately approached by a man bearing markings of the Montroze clan on his clothing but he had no insignia of the guard as we all did so I was a little uneasy with him. He approached and introduced himself as Mort Montroze, a traveler and merchant who lived outside the city. I shook his hand and introduced myself and he asked if he could buy me a drink, to which I cautiously accepted. We began making our way to a table when a woman came out from behind the bar and said, “Welcome all to the Good Harvest…make yourselves at home” with a smile. As I looked around the room I noticed a man walk up to Harlow and start talking. Harlow responded so heartily that I assumed he knew the man. I also looked at the bird again, he was making eye contact with Jordan and Varian, almost gesturing them over to him. As they approached, and Mort and I found a table, I noticed the bird had gems, jewels, and gold pieces on the bottom of his cage. Apparently it was some kind of entertainment. We sat in the table nearest to the cage. By this time Jordan and Varian had made their way over to the bird and were standing in front of its cage. Jordan began to try and speak with animals so she could talk to the bird. Feriona behind the bar spoke up and said “You don’t have to talk to him like that, his name is Winston and he speaks common.”. Jordan thanked her, then began talking with the bird. Winston seemed quite eccentric…maybe even a little crazy as he spoke. I couldn’t help but overhear him. He said he was powerful and could even grant wishes, but he needed to be released from his cage. He would grant whoever let him out 1 wish, he said his master was very powerful. The bar owner just kinda played along, as if this was a normal thing from him. I heard Varian ask him who his master was, to which he responded, “Unimportant! I just need to get OUT of here!!”. Jordan said “It is important if you want help from us hehe”. Finally the bird said, “OK, OK….I am named after my master…He is Master Winston Wellingham III! There, are you satisfied? will you free me?”. Varian and Jordan looked over at Feriona behind the bar. She gave them a look of disapprovement, so the two just stood there regarding the bird in silence. About that time there was a commotion across the bar. Evidently someone stole or tried to steal something from one of us and was making a break for it. Harlow and Sparrow were chasing him. Sparrow managed to bumrush him and knock him down before he reached the door. Suddenly, one of the patrons who looked like a normal man sprang after the thief as well, only as he ran, he grew into his true form which was Furbolg Giant. Mort Montroze, who was sitting across from me got a startled look in his eye as this started happening and said “I better be going now, I forgot I gotta be somewhere..” I looked down at my hand, noticing that my father’s ring was no longer on my finger, and said “Why so soon? Your drinks still full?”. Upon hearing this he bolted for the door and made it completely outside by the time I had an arrow cocked. I took off after him, when I rounded the door to the bar I let an arrow sing from my bow aimed straight at his head. He turned to look back at me just as it flew and it punctured right through his cheek bone and stuck out the opposite side of his face. Amazingly, this perfect shot didnt even bring him down, although he missed a few steps, he kept on running for dear life. Now that I was outside I realized that this had been a planned robbery; there were random bar patrons fighting alongside my friends against several of the would-be thieves. A couple of the thieves had even come out of the woods with bows and were firing on us all. I continued after Mort, Varian right behind me for backup. Mort disapeared into the woods and as we rounded a corner to get line of sight on him again, we saw an awesome sight. A female elf who I’d heard earlier introduce herself as Morgan in the bar had somehow teleported herself to block Morts path…as he approached her a giant lightning bolt zapped from her hands and cooked him where he stood… it was amazing. I walked up and thanked her as I knelt down to get my father’s ring from Morts cooked hand. I said aloud as I pulled the ring, “Scum like you is not worthy of the Montroze name!”. As Varian and I returned to the bar we saw that our friends had succeeded in routing the rest of the thieves. But unfortunately someone that came here with us was missing. Apparently Qualen, who had overheard what the bird had said to Jordan and Varian earlier, got the great idea to set Winston free during the commotion of battle. Upon finding this out, Feriona turned Qualen herself into a big bird and locked her in Winstons cage while her and Morgan went out to find him. We did not try to get Qualen out of the cage, I just pretended like I barely knew her haha. Finally Feriona and Morgan returned with the bird. Feriona put it back in the cage with Qualen, but did not let Qualen out. She looked happier now that the bird was back. The Furbolg who had helped in the battle stood up and talked to us. He introduced himself as Brunrod Stomperflint of The Justifiers. He introduced the rest of his group; Vhanrhaul Vevut- Paladin of Yekcim, Buster Brankenstall- dwarf cleric of Yekcim,Fremal- elf rogue, and Trinity- elf sorceress. The Justifiers thanked us for helping to thwart the attempt made by the thieves. They took a liking to us pretty quickly. Eventually the rest of our company showed up from their visit to Memorial Park and were introduced to the Justifiers. We all talked for pretty much the rest of the night about lots of different things. They let us in on some pretty interesting rumors that have been going around. After hearing about the goblins in the park they told us that evidently the goblin kingdoms are rising again, and have aligned with a new but unknown power. They’ve been seen in the Forge Keep with technology that they shouldn’t know of. Another rumor is that the Republic of Bel is to outlaw magic entirely, sending Spellseakers out to hunt down magic practitioners. And finally, Feriona tells of an Artifact Dig Site. She said that she had a totem which was used by Eve, Daughter of the Gods. It was buried during the second Cataclysm thousands of years before Mhandalore came. There are also ancient texts that The Fathers wrote about a Pillar with magic markings that glowed. The texts said that there are treasures there that the Totem would protect and also mark their whereabouts…..whatever that means. All in all I think the Justifiers were quite helpful. Vhanrhaul Vevut even said that after our bootcamp training, he may have work for us. Now we need to report to Abackus…..sigh.
Bootcamp Continued
Githeran Montroze's Chronicle

The next morning our company was summoned into the large common room where apparently a sort of meeting was about to take place. Our company was not the only one present, I saw roughly twelve groups of similar size to our own. Others of note that were present included Gailrick Boldstar, Abackus Dhalore, and my uncle Faltabore Montroze. After a few moments we all noticed Dalen Fett entering the room. Dalen is the youngest member of the High Council of Mhandalore. He positions himself where he can be seen by all and says very loudly, “Hello everyone. In a few moments we shall meet the graduating classes of the Mhando Commandos…. After which the current classes will continue on with their training. But 1st I have some news to announce.” He paused briefly, “Recently a group of goblins was found inside the city walls hiding in memorial park. Unfortunately they were able to kill two guards patrolling the park before they were dealt with. We are currently investigating how and why they were able to get into the city unnoticed.” I looked over at a fellow cadet of mine named Hitt Fett and whispered, “I smell a mission!”. He got a devious look on his face and nodded at me with a grin. After this Dalen Fett proceeded with the graduate introductions and then finally we were dismissed to continue training.
The next tests weren’t exactly what we were expecting, but they were very difficult. 1st there was an Idenifying Items test, those that were able to identify the final items were aloud to keep one. Then came a series of rigorous balance tests followed by a Formation test complete with a moving floor. Then we climbed, then we fought, then we listened.We had Disable Device tests, Escape Artist tests. Then we had to climb a burning tree….after awhile I got so worn out physically and mentally that I cant even recall in what order we did what excercise. I just know this has been more difficult than I had ever imagined…we will be trained badasses if we make it through this alive.
After all those tests and challenges a good portion of the day had been consumed, so we were dismissed to the mess hall for a late lunch. I learned that the recruit that Abackus so brutally punched in the gut on our 1st day is named Ferald Fett. This is not his first time through bootcamp so the drill sergeant is fed up with his failings. He and Rico Fett have been hangin out alot recently, they seem to be getting along. About the time that we were finishing up our food Abackus came walking in. He said that although some have done worse than others with their training and challenges, the fact that we are all still breathing is good. So good in fact, that we actually got a little bit of pay and a recreational leave for the weekend. This came as a VERY unexpected but VERY welcome surprise!
It took us what seemed like hours to finally decide what to do with our 1st night on leave, and of course not everyone could agree on one thing. I wanted to go with Hitt to the Memorial Park and look for signs of these supposed goblins, but my brother and sister wanted to go with Sparrow to the Good Harvest Inn to try to find information there because Sparrow said he knew the owner, a lady named Feriona. So we decided it would look kinda wierd for our entire company to do one or the other so we split up. The larger portion of our regiment went to investigate the park, while only a group of five or so went to the bar.
When we arrived at Memorial Park we saw 3 noblemen walking down a path. They approached us and began asking questions as to who we were and what we were doing there. We had nothing to hide so we told them who we were. We also asked if they’d seen or heard of any signs of goblins in the park. They didn’t seem to know anything other than the reports from earlier. They directed us in the general direction of where the alledged attack took place. When we arrived on the scene, it was apparent that a battle had taken place here. The rogues and trackers of the party were able to locate some goblin tracks leading deeper into the woods of the park. We bagan following them and I noticed how closely we were all clumped together moving as one. I said aloud,“Guys we are kindof vulnerable to large area attacks when we move together like this, maybe we should spread out.” Everyone seemed to agree so we started to move apart from each other slightly. Unfortunately we were only about halfway through our spreading out thing when the ambush came. All at once a massive net and a horde of goblins came dropping from the trees right on top of us. The net was centered very near where I happened to be standing and it enveloped me as well as most of my group standing near. Only about a third of us were lucky enough to be outside of it. As they took potshots at us all, the free members of the party fought back however they could, while the rest of us tried to free ourselves from the net. Once we were finally able to do so, the battle quickly turned in our favor. When Tsaroath came out of the net he leaped at a goblin, plunging his spear straight threw it and into another goblin standing just behind it that was about to strike.The goblins fell quickly after that. We searched the area thoroughly and then decided we’d better go report what we’d found. We headed for the Inn where our comrades had gone to inform them of the situation. When we arrived my sister was outside waiting for us…she walked up to me and said “I’m glad your back, I have some interesting things to tell you.”

Montroze Chronicle
It’s been three years since father died. Three long years. Not a day has past that I haven’t thought of him. After my recent vision from Lord Zaanephrim I am anxious to step onto the road that will ultimately lead to my father’s killer. As fate would have it, that road takes me into boot camp; afterall what good would finding the killer be if I’m still an untrained fool? Id be murdered much easier than my father no doubt. So I shall go as my God wills me to go…..Thus it begins.

DAY 1: After all the new recruits into the Mhandalorian Guard arrived at the barracks in North District, we began to look around for which bunk belonged to which recruit and such. Not very far into this process two people came walking into the barracks. I was one of the luckier few recruits that noticed them approaching. One man lead while the other followed. The man in front was a shorter than average human, but very hardy and stout looking despite his height. His hair was short, in a military cut and his face was very scarred. Even from across the room I could easily tell that this man had seen many battles…even his scars had scars! The man that followed was also visible to me as he was a full head taller than the grizzly short man in front. He was dressed nicely and had a golden headband on. I immediately recognized him as Gailrick Boldstar, Highlord of North District. I definately did not expect to see him on bootcamp initiation day. I sent a quick glance at my sister, the tracker, who of course had also noticed the two men enter the barracks, we both stood at attention. Gailrick stopped just inside the main bunk area while the other continued walking into the room. As he approached, the scarfaced man screamed in an almost unnaturally loud booming voice, “ATTEEENTION!!!”. All the recruits that had yet to noticed them scurried like mice into a line and stood ready. He continued, “LISTEN UP YOU STUPID MAGGOTS! MY NAME IS ABACKUS AND I AM YOUR NEW DRILL INSTRUCTOR! FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD YOU WILL NOT EAT, SLEEP, SHIT, PISS, OR SO MUCH AS EVEN FART FUNNY UNLESS I SAY SO! YOU WILL OBEY EVERY ORDER I GIVE YOU WITHOUT DELAY OR THE GODS HELP ME I’LL MAKE YOU SUFFER! DO YOU GET ME?!?!”. All of us in unison, “SIR YES SIR!”. After a few “I CANT HEAR YOU!”s and some more derogatory comments directed at pretty much all of us, he says,“I HEARBY NAME THIS GROUP COMPANY 7…AS I SEE IT, OUTTA THE WHOLE LOT OF YA THERE MAY BE SEVEN THAT MAKE COMMANDO!”. He let out a hardy laugh after that last comment. Suddenly, he walked up to a recruit who I had met earlier named Rico Fett, and stared him down with a dreadful look. He said he knew the recruits father and after sizing him up for a few seconds he just gave Rico a sarcastic smirk. He then went to another cadet, this one named Brute I believe, and said he knew his father as well, but after sizing up Brute he seemed a little more respectful. After this he walked over to my sister Heather and I suddenly got a tingle in my stomach. He looked her over with a keen yet partially respectful look and then motioned with his hand for his guest to come over. The taller gentleman strolled up to stand beside Abackus. He introduced himself as Gailrick Boldstar, like my sis and I had recognized earlier. “Heather,” he said in a diplomatic voice,“I know of your fathers murder and of your investigation and pursuit of his killer. It was most tragic that the killer somehow managed to escape, and most unusual. Security and justice is something that Mhandalore takes VERY seriously. I wanted to let you know that whatever becomes of your investigation, you have the support of our Mhandalorian Guard.”. After hearing this my sister bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you my lord, any and all support is most welcome and needed, thank you.” And with that Gailrick bowed his head to my sister, and then gestured to all of us with a bow as he excused himself from the room. Then drill sergeant Abackus went back to yelling at us all saying to get all our stuff squared away in our bunk and meet outside. So we did. Outside Abackus stood waiting with his arms crossed. Gailrick was gone but another stood with Abackus. He wore Armor that bore markings of the Beviin Clan, but his shield had an image of a sorceress casting some kind of spell. There was something wierd about him. Abackus introduced the man as Brutus Beviin and told us that we could follow his orders should Abackus himself not be around. After this Abackus walked up to one of the privates I hadnt seen yet and punched him in the stomach,forcing him to bend over grabbing his belly. I wasn’t sure if the guy looked at him wrong or what, but I didnt wanna open my mouth or ask a question to find out. After a few more ground rules about bootcamp and general esteem hurting cutdowns we finally got to train. Abackus said,“ITS TIME TO RUN, AND YOU ALL BETTER BEAT ME!!”. So we ran. Then we ran faster. Then he told a story that we had to pay attention to while we ran. then he did that while we ran faster. And of course not everyone in the company was able to stay ahead of the drill sergeant, or pay attention to all of his bullshit stories, hehe. One recruit in particular did really bad…his name is Pack. This guy was slower than the new year both at running and thinking. By the time we took our 1st rest he had pissed off Abackus so bad that he made pack stand to the side with his thumb in his mouth and all of us do pushups. After each pushup we had to scream “THANK YOU PRIVATE PACK!”. Abackus told Pack, “You got a headstart on runnin these next miles thats as long as it takes for these guys to finish pushups, and I suggest you use it now!!”. Pack looked at all of us doin pushups because of his fail and knew we were gonna whip his ass…..he took off runnin. As we finished our pushups our drill sergeant yelled, “WHOS READY TO KICK SOME ASS??”. We all replied in unison,“SIR!!US SIR!”. Then we bolted after pack with cruel intentions. We were so beat after all the running and extra work from packs fails that only a handfull of us caught up to him. Right when he was about to get jumped by five people he pulled an entire bag full of caltrops out his ass and dropped them right in their path. All but two were tripped up by them, my brother Morovan and Grixus. Morovan side stepped around them while Grixus made this acrobatic flying leap over all the caltrops and tackled Pack to the ground, which in turn allowed all the rest of us to catch up to him and beat him to within an inch of his life. I had to heal him afterwards just so he could make the trip back. Unfortunately for us we still had to run ALL the way back to town while listening to more of Abackus’ lame stories. Im assuming there will be more punishment in store for us because Pack wasnt the only one who failed at running and paying attention on day one. DAY 2: Well day one was the hardest day of training I ever had to endure, yet somehow day two was even harder. We ran farther. We ran faster. We paid more attention. We did everything that we did on day one except more of it, and yes, of course we failed more as well. The final run challenge was more than most bodies can withstand. It pushed us all to the point of near death. We walked back to the barracks more drained than any of us had ever been before. Along the way I heard Abackus tell Rico,“I knew your father, you will redeem his name but I will be hard on you.”. When I think about tomorrow the only word that comes to mind is…OUCH.


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