Zeth Rendahl

Last Member of the Alliance of Ephates, Satyr ranger druid


Brown and grey hair large ram shaped horns piercing sky blue eyes. his voice is musical whan he speaks it has a harmony to the words they often ryme. he fights with two weaponds and loves to sing while fighting. He is the youngest member of the Ephates sworn in right before they all went after the Orphidians. The Orphids were spotted in the charos Jungle taking massive parts of the plantlife for some toxin they were gathering for thier masters. The trail led them underground where they stayed for more than a year. Many battles later the last of the Epates were ambushed. Zeth had been knocked unconscience. When he woke he was tied up all of the other Ephates were killed. He was kepted as a trophy for Patric Ghunstar a gift for Her Greatness Ezmerelda the enchanted. A Raven named Ezmas came and spoke to him “I will get your eyes when she is done with you she promiced.” The bird is Ezmerelda’s Familiar. he was saved By the party swearing a life debt to Heather Montroze. Then they went and killed the Abomination that had slain all but the last of the Ephates.


The Ephates were guardians of nature. they Protect the natural order of things. When somthing threatens the lands they rise up and band togeather to protect thier homelands. They must carry on to protect the jungles and mountains in Windaria. Zeth being the last is now bequithed with the respincibility of training the new Ephates.

Zeth Rendahl

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