Varian Wrynn Ghunstar

Mhandalorian Guard - Human- 2nd gen. Fighter


HT 5’ 11" WT 170 lbs Age 17 Hair Brown Eyes Brown
Description : Quiet demeanor and well mannered. Doesnt talk much unless he’s been drinking, of which he enjoys very much. Dreams of becoming a well versed explorer like his father.


Varian Wrynn Ghunstar is a 2nd generation Mhandalorian Guard. Named for his father, Wrynn Ghunstar who was a commended guard and explorer of Mhandalore, was inducted into the guard by his long time friend and traveling partner Quaid Ghunstar. After many travels and hard fought battles, (with lots of riches acquired along the way) Quaid recognized Wrynns prowess in battle and recruited him into the guard. Varian was trained as a Fighter by his father.He hopes to prove himself in the years ahead to be worthy of his father’s name and rank as a Mhandalorian Commando.

Varian Wrynn Ghunstar

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