Vanglore Vevutt


Tall 6’2" eyes grey long black hair has warm smile talks well seems to have a good head on his shoulers. a little impetuious. he fight with both hands a long sword in the right and a short sword in the left. He weras a chain shirt with leather breeches. A grey hood and grety pants.


Son of Lord Icthalion Vevut. From the Central District. Vanglore is an only child from a wealthy family. Great looks along with a wealthy privelaged upbringing make him vain and impetious. He always thinks he knows whats right and will push to have it his way. Vanglore uses charm and guile to persuade people to his way of thinking. Has two couins TSaroath and Grixus Vevut twins who have joined the Guard with him.

Vanglore Vevutt

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