Pack Boldstar

Human Rogue/Fighter


Pack isn’t the biggest or the strongest of Mandalorians but don’t turn your back on him. He stands half over 5ft tall. He wears black studded leather armor and carries a rapier and shortbow for when they are needed.
A rogue by class, he uses his specialized skills to good use most of the time. While he does follow orders he may secretly look for a loophole to better himself in the act. He may be selfish but he wouldn’t go so far as to harm others for his own personal gain, would he?


Pack is the son of a family held in high regard in Mandalore and as such, he was somewhat spoiled as a child. His unscrupulous ways got him into some trouble as a youth but has since grown, mostly due to being forced into the military by his parents to “put him on the path”.

Pack Boldstar

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