Gerifan-Glabor Montroze

Assassinated noble


Dead Eyes are Rotted one has been eaten by carrion crawlers. Hair is white and missing in placeses. the poison has colored his dead flesh a bright purple. his lips are swolen and black. Not much to look at.


Well known mhandalorian. was killed by poison at his home a poison dart shot from a blowgun took down this mighty man. Gerifan was what he was called on the Battlefield Glabor was what he was called among the Montroze Clan. The Glabor Name was an honorary title given to the wisest of the Clan. He was tall Strong Wise and very articulate. A true Credit to his clan. Why anyone would want to kill this man was a mystery. He was well Travled alot of his dealings in the years close to his death were with the Republic of Bel. He had also taken a quest to the lands of Ozganith in his younger years. any clues to why he was killed have grown cold since it has been three years since his death.

Gerifan-Glabor Montroze

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