Faltabor Montroze

Mhandalorian Commando, sergant North central District


Brother to Glabor Montroze who was poisoned three years ago by an assassin who was never found. Faltabor has only daughters five all are still young. he took guardianship of Glambor’s children Githeran, Morovan,and Heather who have all joined the Guard in the hopes of finding thier fathers assassin. Faltabor is 7th lvl fighter Commando. He spends some time in the north district overseeing his nephues and Niece’s progress in training. He is kind and unlike most Montroze he serves Law being Lawful Good. His Wife is Elven Gailestra is from the Valair Forrest the Fabled city of Valien. She has a radient beauty that almost hypnotizes those in her presence. She is a powerful Cleric of Zanephrim. 14th lvl.


Faltabor Montroze

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