Domo Fett

Lord of the Fett house in north Mhandalore


Tall slender man, early greying hair for a man in his fourties. he looks battle worn with scars ontop of scars He is a slight man with tan skin, brown hair, exceptionally bushy moustache and brown eyes. He has a broken nose. He speaks with a gruff voice in a grim manner and alwayse carries his ancestrial sword with him. Lvl 18 fighter, His bastard sword “Hammamain” is the ancestrial sword of his Forefathers. His armor is enchanted from the lands of Ozganith has parts of ancestrial pieces of his fathers armor.


Domo runes the North district. As the area Marshall, He answers to the Mandalor guard’s captin and Leutenant’s. But works independantly from the city proper He is known as an Enforcer only answering to those the councel have mandated as superior.

Domo Fett

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