Dirston Ironbearer

Master blacksmith, Ownes North District Merkantile, Conservator of the north Waterworks.


Nothing goes on in the North District the Dirston doesnt know about. He has been in Mhandalore for two hundred years. His family earned the land he now ownes years ago. he has been sponcered by the boldstar clan tho join the ranks of the Mhandalorians. He has fought side by side with four generations of the guard. he and his sons are Master Blacksmiths. He also owns the North District Merkentile. Dirston is also in charge of the waterworks, and sewers having twelve Mhandalorian Guards at his disposal. These guard are Deputized and hold Position over other guard thier rank. the WW star also gives them access to areas not allowed to most of the population. they cut thier teeth on Creatures from the sewers that spring up from time to time. Its dirty work, but the pay is much better, and Dirstan gives his guard 20% discount in the Merkentile, and Smithy.


Dirston Ironbearer

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