Dalen Fett

Former Member of the Mhandeloren High Councel/ KILLED


Domo fetts younger brother. Tall muscular frame. He is a High council member, and the youngest member. Dalen is well spoken and articulate, he has more than once been on the other side of the popular opinion of the High Council. Domo helps with his influence though he has no real say in the Council matters. Dalen is a 6th lvl commando but also has dabbled in sorcery he is a 4th lvl sorcerer. Dalen has seen promice in Rico Fett, telling the Council to keep an eye on Rico’s progress. Dalen wears the ancestrial breastplate of the Fett Clan It has some Magical Qualities given to all High Council.


Was Assassinated in the North district courthouse.

Dalen Fett

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