Captin Patric Ghunstar

Master of the Ghunstar Palace


Named after his father Ageorell he is a sedond generation Ghunstar he is human. His father bought thier way into the clan by funding several campaigns. Now his father is dead and he is the only air to his fathers holdings. he has slowly squandered alot of them away now only the palace and what is in it remains. The Ghunstar sent Patric to claim the last of his inheritence he was asked to stay in the area to represant the ghunstar Clan but the rumors say they just wanted him as far away from them as possible. He is abrupt with those he deems infriior’ almost everyone’. gambles alot and hangs with a rough crown consisting mostly of his paid friends…


Is now in comand of the Gold team and has sent them into the sewers to look for gobbies…

Captin Patric Ghunstar

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