The Glory of Mhandelore

The Plot Thickens

Chronicle of Githeran Montroze

As we were preparing to leave the bar and go report the nights happenings, to our surprise, Domo Fett walked in accompanied by six Commandos. He immediately called us to attention and asked for one of us to report. Rico stepped up and he asked for someone else. So then Vanglore stepped up and Domo said, “Come with me! The rest of you stay here.”. They all left for awhile then returned to debrief us. Vanglore had taken them to the goblin battle site and evidently all the bodies and the net had been removed. Very puzzling that the goblins, or someone else, had removed alot of the evidence that collaborated our report. There was still enough evidence there in the way of tracks and broken weapons to convince Domo as to the validity of our report. He believed us. He then had the 6 Mhandalorian Commandos escort the surviving prisoner from the bar battle away to the courthouse. His name was Phillip. After the debriefing Feriona stepped in and told Domo of the whole bird fiasco. She said that the spells she had to use to recapture Winston cost her 5000 gold in components and she was going to hold Qualen until that debt was paid. Domo paid the debt to Feriona and told her that Qualen owed him now, he would get it out of her however he saw fit. She agreed and released Qualen then returned her to her human form. Then Domo dismissed us all to the barracks with orders to get cleaned up and meet at the Courthouse, so we did. We weren’t aloud to take our weapons into the courthouse.
When we arrived we were all escorted into a large court/council room. Seated before us was a number of important Mhandalorians; Blundar Boldstar, Addle Galactus Boldstar, Patric Ghunstar, Gailrick Boldstar, Dalen Fett, Domo Fett, Astero Fett, and my uncle Faltabore Montroze. Seated to the right of Faltabore was a large Cloud Giant that none of us recognized. Also on either side, seated nearer to us than the others, was a Fey and an Eran, obviously detectors of magic and the like. Domo Fett was the 1st to speak. He told us all that we’d done well in our training, and have excelled beyond the call of duty by bringing down a goblin troup and thwarting the robbery attempt at the Good Harvest, all before even completing basic training. We were to be promoted to Private 1st Class, all of us. Sparrow was given a medal of honor for falling in combat in the Good Harvest; that had been quite the battle according to Harlow and Morovan, who told me a pretty good account of it all. He also said that they had need of our regiment sooner than expected, so they were gonna accelerate our training as to get us in action sooner. All the same training as we would normally get, except in less time so it would be extra hard on us. “Great” I thought to myself with a sigh. Domo proceded to tell us that they had concerns about these goblin incursions, and were deciding to keep them as secret as possible for now. Other reports stated that there had been disappearances of random women and children throughout North District. Upon hearing this, Rico Fett raised his hand asking for permission to speak, which Domo allowed. Rico asked if there was any pattern to the disappearances, and had there been any reports of women capable of defending themselves being taken? Upon hearing the latter part of the question, my uncle Faltabore appeared shaken emotionally. Domo confessed that yes capable women had been taken, including one of my cousins, a daughter of Faltabore. Domo then asked if any others among us had questions to ask, if so to ask them now. At this Sparrow spoke up and asked about the artifact dig site. Domo sounded surprised when he asked, " To what dig site do you refer??". We explained the rumor we’d heard about it and Domo just responded that yes they were digging for it, but thats something else they’d like to keep very secret for now so lets just leave it at a rumor and dont ask about it again. After the questions, Domo finally said that the prisoner from the bar, Phillip, was to be interrogated shortly, but 1st he read us a letter that they were able to intercept. A very curious letter indeed written to Phillip from someone named Lord Blackwood(see wiki). After reading the letter he ordered silence in the room as the prisoner was escorted in. Patric Ghunstar stood up, I guessed that he would do the questioning. Shortly after Phillip was seated the Fey and Eran that sat on opposite ends of the room got alarmed looks on their faces and motioned to Patric that something was wierd about Phillip. Patric was unmoved, he said “I’m not afraid of this scumbag!”. He proceded to ask Phillip several questions about the goblins, the letter, the bar robbery, and several other things and people. Phil wouldnt give any straight answers, he just replied in sarcastic riddles and nonsense. Finally Patric said “Damn you! You better start giving me some real answers! You’re facing a death sentence!”. About that time the Fey and Eran seers both said aloud,“Somethings happening!”. Suddenly Phillip’s voice changed. It grew deeper in tone and more evil in nature. He said condascendingly “Yes you are right!! I have the name, it has come to me! But I will only tell it to a Highlord of Mhandalore!” Upon hearing this Dalen Fett stood up from his seat and walked up to stand in front of the now demon sounding Phillip. He said “I am a Highlord you pathetic fool! You’ll answer to me or die!!”. Right when the word “die” came from Dalen’s mouth, Phillips jaw suddenly clenched and a large stream of acid sprayed from his mouth. To our surprise, Dalen seemed completely unready to dodge the attack; it hit him square in his face and he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Within seconds the acid had completely eaten Phillips head and upper shoulders as his body fell to the floor. Dalens face and head was turned to green goo within those few seconds as well. The loud demonic voice that had been Phillip’s laughed sardonically thoughout the room and then faded, even though Phil’s head was obliterated. Rico immediately sprang from his chair to help his uncle but was stopped in his tracks when he caught a slight breath of the super toxic fumes of the acid that just dropped Dalen. Domo and all the others were scrambling about now. Domo screamed for the Loremaster that had been nearby to come heal his brother. The Loremaster cast several spells of healing and resurrection but was unable to save Dalen. He looked at Domo sadly and said, “There’s nothing we can do….This came from the pit…..his soul is gone.” Domo screamed in anger. They all told us to retreat to the barracks and await further orders, so thats what we did.

After the day’s events thus far we all were at our wits end and tired physically. But that didnt mean a damn thing to Abackus. Yes after all the wild shit we’d seen we still had to finish training. We had 2 jump challenges; Heather won the 1st one and Sparrow won the second. Then there was an Intuit Direction challenge where we were all teleported to the middle of a forest and left to find our way home solo with no help. Out of all of us the only ones that didn’t get lost were Hitt, Harlow, Grixus, and Negra. Finally we came to the last challenge, Battle Royale. This challenge was the most unexpected but I must say, the most fun. We were seperated into two well rounded teams, each complete with a healer, ranged, and mellee damage dealers. We had to literally atack each other with intent to kill. There was an enchantment on the battlefield which teleported us out as soon as any of us would’ve normally died. My team was outnumbered because Ferald being a part of the group made us an odd-numbered unit, So we had to kill 10 of them with only 9 of us. And for awhile I thought we were going to do it. When the battle started I heard Morovan say “Take down Gith! If they can’t heal they can’t win!”. And of course we knew to do the same, take out jordan and we have the upper hand. It was a wild battle. When Morovan called out to take me down, I almost think it jinxed them all. I was targeted by 6 or 7 different people and they all fumbled over each other when they attacked me; it was like I had divine protection from my god, I loved it. But finally my luck ran out and they took me down. Unfortunately, my team was unable to overcome adversity and take out the larger team, but we gave em a hell of a good fight. To our surprise, when the other team won, they made them turn on each other and start fighting…this was fun to watch. The epic battle came down to 2 combatants- My sister Heather, who I secretly hoped would win even though she had been shooting at me earlier haha…and Gullee Boldstar, one of the other bowshooters on the team. As fate would have it, Gullee triumphed over my sister the hunter. Good show Gullee, Good show! After the Final Training day, we were all dismissed to get some rest and told to report next morning for our 1st small assignment. On the day before we’d noticed more airships and zeppelins in the air than usual but we thought nothing of it. When Domo came in with our mission briefing he explained that this week was air week; the time when Mhandalore celebrates it’s wondrous mechanical flying machines. Our mission was to dress casually and explore the District Square, where there would be an airshow this day, to hopefully gather some useful information about the disappearances or maybe the goblin attacks. Sounded simple enough. We all were given 100 gold to spend at the fair on things so as to look natural. We spread out and all entered the square from different roads. I tried to stay in visual contact with at least 3 of my friends at all times in case something went awry. And sure enough something did. We’d been there for over an hour and I personally hadn’t heard a single piece of useful intel. I was thinking how I hoped my comrades were having better luck at gathering info when I heard it. A loud roar accompanied by several high pitched screams. The screams were innocent bystanders witnessing something terrible in the square to which I couldnt see just yet; a large merchant cart blocked my view of the inner square from where I happened to be. I rushed towards the commotion as everyone else was rushing toward me to get away, which gave me a VERY bad feeling. I rounded the cart just in time to see a massive troll rip a Mhandalorian Guard into two pieces…his legs flew one way and his torso the other. Hitt and Pack were already taking missile attacks at the troll. Then I heard a loud flesh-ripping sound as I looked to the right and saw a 2nd troll tearing its way to its full size out of some kind of magical human disguise. Seconds later a 3rd troll did the same thing just about 50 ft past the 2nd troll from where I was. As I watched these trolls rip through the guards and citizens like so much paper I realized that this could very well be all our ends. I sent a quick prayer to Zaanephrim and the battle was on. Fortunately for us there were lots of guards patrolling the area…not so fortunate for the guards themselves though. They charged the trolls and tried to keep them busy at melee while we all took ranged attacks to bring them down. Only our ranged attacks were just not doing enough damage. I heard Grixus yell " WE NEED SOME BACKUP!!" but none came. The 2nd troll finally tore through all the guards that were near it and set its sights on my friend Negra. Before Negra could react the troll charged him and sliced his chest wide open with one slash of its claws. Negra fell to the ground twitching. We were all so spread out that it seemed like an eternity before I could run all the way across the square to try and stabilize Negra. As I ran toward him, our prayers were answered and backup arrived. Apearing from behind a merchant cart was a human fighter that looked experienced. He cleaved into the troll with his sword and it roared in pain. Then suddenly, a normal looking woman that I hadn’t noticed standing near the troll raised her hands into the air and called down a massive pillar of holy flames…I could sense my gods power in the fire that hit the troll, the woman was a cleric! The troll fell to the ground as a burning mound of stinking flesh. I rushed to Negra to heal him and it took more than one heal to stabilize him. On the other side of the square the 1st troll that appeared had made his way to Harlow and was in the process of killing him. Harlow went down just as the Human fighter and cleric made it in range of the troll. After they got its attention Jordan was able to stabilize Harlow. At that point the battle finally turned in our favor and only one more guard was killed before the trolls went down. After the battle we cleared the area of citizens and as we waited for our superiors to show up I volunteered to take a chronicle from everyone of the info they may have acquired before the battle. Everyone agreed and began to tell me all they’d heard. Sparrow heard from a dwarf traveler that the Nomads had united for some reason and were flying four different flags. He saw them gathering in the south. Pack talked to a sailor that said a mysterious ship was spotted on the beaches near the Blood Mountains 200 miles north of the Frigid Straights. Vanglore heard a story about a Firelord in Ozganith named Cosimare who has marshalled a force of giants and is planning an attack on the elves of New Dawn. Also several conversations were overheard about the dig site, but nothing we didn’t know about already. Negra talked to a guard that told him about mysterious creatures some call the Kodan that were seen in the Bellagore Jungles. One of them was supposedly captured by orcs and held prisoner. On the 1st night after its capture all the orcs of that camp were slaughtered and the prisoner Kodan was gone the next morning. Finally, Rico Fett reported that he heard someone say that Madame Contessa has gotten a new crystal ball. So he went to her to investigate. She read his fortune for a gold piece. While she read it he noticed a man on the roof behind her so he asked if she knew who it was. She said that his name is Thermon, a quiet warrior who keeps to himself and is a bouncer at the Good Harvest Inn & Tavern. She believes him to be an armorsmith from Har Monyar, and for an extra gold piece she’d tell a secret about him. So Rico produced the goldpiece and she told him that Thermon is rumored to be over 200 years old but human, which is a little strange given humans short lifespan. Rico also clarified that the Unknown fighter that helped us in the troll fight was indeed Thermon who had seen battle break out from his rooftop perch. So after hearing about Thermon, Rico had her finish with his fortune. As she looked into her crystal ball again an uneasy look came over her face. Rico said that all she could say was “There is danger afoot! I fear for your safety. Before sunrise you shall be forced to fight for your life!”. And after that rico heard the scream of someone getting torn apart from behind him and knew the terrible truth that Madame Contessa was absolutely right… was time to fight!! Wow…..Domo Fett will have quite the report to read when he arrives haha.


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The Plot Thickens
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