The Glory of Mhandelore

Pack's Partial Penile Paralysis

Chronicle of Gith Montroze

When Domo arrived on the scene he put the North District on Lockdown, meaning all non Mhandalorians were to be sent to the Hamen Home Apts., while the rest of us were sent to the barracks. The cleric who had helped with the trolls was named Atwela, she healed everyone that she could after the battle but was only able to save five…I aspire to be as good a healer as she one day. She told Domo that she will submit a report of what happened but first she must rest. Before we were dismissed, we were all questioned about the battle. Thermon was already gone, just as suddenly as he’d arrived on the scene. Domo dismissed us and said to report in the morning to attend his brothers funeral. Next day, before the funeral, we were commended for fighting off the trolls. The funeral itself was a huge service. Banners of the Fett clan were hung everywhere and most of North District showed up to pay their respects. Astero Fett spoke for the most part of the service. After him, Domo arose to say some words as well. Dalen Fett’s body was laid to rest in a Mausoleum which we all had to carry his coffin to. After the funeral Domo announced that he would reluctantly take a temporary spot on the Council to replace Dalen for now. He also said for all clans to beware; the happenings of late have been highly abnormal. – Alan thinks he’s cool with a DM’s note, but he doesn’t know we’re trash talking him in the maptool chatbox :P - After his announcements Domo said that our entire company is probably being watched so the barracks may not be a safe place for us to be right now. Instead we are invited to stay in the Fett house, where Astero resides. After we got settled in, we were granted another night of leave so we decided to go to the bar again. On our way there we saw the spellcaster that had helped us in our barfight against the thieves, Morgan. As she came out of her house we asked if she would like to accompany us to the bar for a drink, to which she accepted. When we arrived we noticed all the Justifiers sitting around their normal table. Thermon had also made his way here and was sitting at a table near the bar. On the other side of the room from Thermon’s table we saw Patric Ghunstar, the man who had interrogated Phiilip before Dalen’s death, sitting at a table of his own with a dwarf and another human. We all found a place to sit and started drinking. Feriona walked out and suddenly split into seven duplicates of herself. They all proceded to take everyones orders and serve us, while one of them just sat at the bar and filed her fingernails…I assumed that was the actual Feriona making her clones do all the work, very talented she is. After everyone was served the other Ferionas rejoined their master to become one again. After I got my drink the big blue bird winston summoned me over to him with a nod. I obliged him and walked over. He was very excited and started asking me lots of questions about the troll battle. After telling him that we were indeed the guards that helped with the trolls, I remembered what Domo had said about being careful and laying low. I told Winston that I was under orders not to talk about it and he understood. He only said “I completely understand your orders and thanks so much, you’ve confirmed my curiosities on the matter. I’ll ask no more. Please accept this token of my appreciation.” He grabbed a large nice looking gem from the bottom of his cage and tossed it onto the floor near me. He said “Buy a drink for everyone on me!”I looked at Feriona for approval and she just smiled at me and nodded to go ahead, so I took the gem and returned to my seat. I ordered a cheap beer for everyone, but paid with gold from my bag…I’d appraise the gem later. As we drank and carried on, we began to get louder and louder in the bar. Pack was trying to score with a pretty girl at the bar by gloating about our prowess in battle. On one of the toasts that someone made Pack said “To our GLORY!!” just a little too loud. Patric Ghunstar heard this and immediately got up from his chair and approached pack. We had only just heard earlier that day that Patric would be our commanding officer after graduation. He walked up to Pack and demanded his attention. I couldnt tell exactly what was said between them from where I was sitting, but it seemed like nothing more than an ego trip for Patric. He made Pack buy himself and his buddies the most expensive drink in the place, the Red Lotus. When he got his drinks he made a toast. Something along the lines of, Here’s to having peons at your command and being an egomaniacal prick….at least thats about all I heard after peons hehe. Of course Pack couldn’t afford the total price of the drinks, so I pitched in an extra 112gp to cover it just so Patric would shut up and get out. After he and his buddies left, (the dwarf’s name is Failgrim Ironbear, brother to Blundar we later found out), we began chatting with the Justifiers and Thermon. Thermon commended us on our bravery against the trolls, monsters we had no business fighting at our current skill level. Trinity told us that shes been having trouble sleeping lately because of lots of chatter in her mind, she believes its coming from underground. The justifiers said they are going to investigate South District in the days to come. Two other interesting things we saw this time in the bar was Feriona’s other pets; a small pig with a broom attachment on its nose that it uses to sweep with, and a large tiger that just roams the place looking scary. After a good time at the bar we decided to call it a night and head back to the Fett house. The next day some of us wanted to go out again and see if anymore useful info could be acquired. I had a bad feeling about being out in the open after my slight info leak to the bird the night before, so I stayed inside. The only ones that went out were Negra, Qualen, Pack, Brute, and Gullee. They were only gone for an hour or so before they came rushing through the door of the Fett home carrying Pack on their shoulders. I asked what happened and they said someone stabbed Pack with something poisonous. The others heard him cry out in pain, but by the time they got to him Pack was on the ground and no one else was anywhere near. Luckily Brute had won the identification test in week one of training and he had the anti-toxin reward to use on pack which stabilized the poison and saved his life. When my sister Heather heard about this she was very upset…our father had been killed by poison as well; could this incident be related? I told everyone that was with Pack to descibe every detail of what happened, be it normal or suspicious. The only thing wierd that they reported was seeing a dwarf in the Hamen Apts. watching them out a window, then slowly closing the curtains as they walked by. Shortly after this was when Pack was attacked. Astero immediately summon the Loremaster to the house and they were able to stabilize Pack somewhat…he’s alive but still in a comatose state. Too bad for him we had to continue training the next day, so Pack will have to take his final tests at a later date. The last training challenges were very hard just like we’d expected. I ended training with a passing grade, but it took everything I had and more to do it, and it was a low passing grade. Of course my weakest area of training was saved for one of the last…the spear throw. I’m pretty good with a spear in my hand, but throwing it is a different story. I took the most careful aim as I could and hit the 1st 3 targets with relative ease. But the fourth and final target was so far away that I knew it would be a failed attempt. I closed my eyes and prayed to Lord Zaanephrim before I threw. I felt his holy power course through my body and when I released the spear, it was almost as if he’d thrown it himself; it flew straight and true all the way to the target and hit the bull’s eye. All my teammates were amazed. They knew, as did I, that the target was way out of my range. So after the way their swords bounced off of me in the Battle Royale challenge, and then this insane spear throw, we all sorta hoped that we had an angel on our side. So we ended up proving drill sergeant Abackus wrong. We all passed the training, not just seven of us. Of course Pack didn’t but thats because of other circumstances, and he will get his chance. At graduation we all got promoted to Specialist rank, and were given a shoulder guard to show it. We were also informed that the company is to be split up and have two seperate missions. Some of us were given insignias with A’s on them, and the rest were given insignias with a golden line or bar on them. The A team is to escort Gailrick Boldstar’s wife, Batrice, northward to see her sister. While we’re there our orders are to investigate a blacksmith by the name of Treblabore who makes Masterwork weapons and armor. Also we are to gather information about any and everything we can. The Gold team is to stay behind and act as a sort of homeland security. Intel reports state that the goblins may be using the sewers under Mhandalore to enter into the city, which is highly likely after hearing Trinity’s words about chatter underground. We are to explore the sewers for answers and evidence of goblins. We’re all given one weeks rations, 1 anti-toxin, 1 climbing kit, and one healing salve. Patric is to be Gold teams commanding officer. He warned us that this is a very dangerous mission with a high mortality rate… sigh Just what we wanted to hear. He warns us of what they call the flush; basically some areas of the sewer flood with water periodically, and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll just end up dead. Our orders are to find a suitable place to set up a camp, then scout for one week before reporting back. Patric also says that someone named Gabe will accompany us too. He even mentions again that we are very brave, and to be very careful because this is a most deadly mission. Damn…..why do I get the horrible feeling that Patric is sending us underground to our gruesome deaths??


dont forget brute saves packs life by giving him antitoxins when we realized he was poisoned and also dont forget gfy

Pack's Partial Penile Paralysis
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