The Glory of Mhandelore

Montroze Chronicle

It’s been three years since father died. Three long years. Not a day has past that I haven’t thought of him. After my recent vision from Lord Zaanephrim I am anxious to step onto the road that will ultimately lead to my father’s killer. As fate would have it, that road takes me into boot camp; afterall what good would finding the killer be if I’m still an untrained fool? Id be murdered much easier than my father no doubt. So I shall go as my God wills me to go…..Thus it begins.

DAY 1: After all the new recruits into the Mhandalorian Guard arrived at the barracks in North District, we began to look around for which bunk belonged to which recruit and such. Not very far into this process two people came walking into the barracks. I was one of the luckier few recruits that noticed them approaching. One man lead while the other followed. The man in front was a shorter than average human, but very hardy and stout looking despite his height. His hair was short, in a military cut and his face was very scarred. Even from across the room I could easily tell that this man had seen many battles…even his scars had scars! The man that followed was also visible to me as he was a full head taller than the grizzly short man in front. He was dressed nicely and had a golden headband on. I immediately recognized him as Gailrick Boldstar, Highlord of North District. I definately did not expect to see him on bootcamp initiation day. I sent a quick glance at my sister, the tracker, who of course had also noticed the two men enter the barracks, we both stood at attention. Gailrick stopped just inside the main bunk area while the other continued walking into the room. As he approached, the scarfaced man screamed in an almost unnaturally loud booming voice, “ATTEEENTION!!!”. All the recruits that had yet to noticed them scurried like mice into a line and stood ready. He continued, “LISTEN UP YOU STUPID MAGGOTS! MY NAME IS ABACKUS AND I AM YOUR NEW DRILL INSTRUCTOR! FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD YOU WILL NOT EAT, SLEEP, SHIT, PISS, OR SO MUCH AS EVEN FART FUNNY UNLESS I SAY SO! YOU WILL OBEY EVERY ORDER I GIVE YOU WITHOUT DELAY OR THE GODS HELP ME I’LL MAKE YOU SUFFER! DO YOU GET ME?!?!”. All of us in unison, “SIR YES SIR!”. After a few “I CANT HEAR YOU!”s and some more derogatory comments directed at pretty much all of us, he says,“I HEARBY NAME THIS GROUP COMPANY 7…AS I SEE IT, OUTTA THE WHOLE LOT OF YA THERE MAY BE SEVEN THAT MAKE COMMANDO!”. He let out a hardy laugh after that last comment. Suddenly, he walked up to a recruit who I had met earlier named Rico Fett, and stared him down with a dreadful look. He said he knew the recruits father and after sizing him up for a few seconds he just gave Rico a sarcastic smirk. He then went to another cadet, this one named Brute I believe, and said he knew his father as well, but after sizing up Brute he seemed a little more respectful. After this he walked over to my sister Heather and I suddenly got a tingle in my stomach. He looked her over with a keen yet partially respectful look and then motioned with his hand for his guest to come over. The taller gentleman strolled up to stand beside Abackus. He introduced himself as Gailrick Boldstar, like my sis and I had recognized earlier. “Heather,” he said in a diplomatic voice,“I know of your fathers murder and of your investigation and pursuit of his killer. It was most tragic that the killer somehow managed to escape, and most unusual. Security and justice is something that Mhandalore takes VERY seriously. I wanted to let you know that whatever becomes of your investigation, you have the support of our Mhandalorian Guard.”. After hearing this my sister bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you my lord, any and all support is most welcome and needed, thank you.” And with that Gailrick bowed his head to my sister, and then gestured to all of us with a bow as he excused himself from the room. Then drill sergeant Abackus went back to yelling at us all saying to get all our stuff squared away in our bunk and meet outside. So we did. Outside Abackus stood waiting with his arms crossed. Gailrick was gone but another stood with Abackus. He wore Armor that bore markings of the Beviin Clan, but his shield had an image of a sorceress casting some kind of spell. There was something wierd about him. Abackus introduced the man as Brutus Beviin and told us that we could follow his orders should Abackus himself not be around. After this Abackus walked up to one of the privates I hadnt seen yet and punched him in the stomach,forcing him to bend over grabbing his belly. I wasn’t sure if the guy looked at him wrong or what, but I didnt wanna open my mouth or ask a question to find out. After a few more ground rules about bootcamp and general esteem hurting cutdowns we finally got to train. Abackus said,“ITS TIME TO RUN, AND YOU ALL BETTER BEAT ME!!”. So we ran. Then we ran faster. Then he told a story that we had to pay attention to while we ran. then he did that while we ran faster. And of course not everyone in the company was able to stay ahead of the drill sergeant, or pay attention to all of his bullshit stories, hehe. One recruit in particular did really bad…his name is Pack. This guy was slower than the new year both at running and thinking. By the time we took our 1st rest he had pissed off Abackus so bad that he made pack stand to the side with his thumb in his mouth and all of us do pushups. After each pushup we had to scream “THANK YOU PRIVATE PACK!”. Abackus told Pack, “You got a headstart on runnin these next miles thats as long as it takes for these guys to finish pushups, and I suggest you use it now!!”. Pack looked at all of us doin pushups because of his fail and knew we were gonna whip his ass…..he took off runnin. As we finished our pushups our drill sergeant yelled, “WHOS READY TO KICK SOME ASS??”. We all replied in unison,“SIR!!US SIR!”. Then we bolted after pack with cruel intentions. We were so beat after all the running and extra work from packs fails that only a handfull of us caught up to him. Right when he was about to get jumped by five people he pulled an entire bag full of caltrops out his ass and dropped them right in their path. All but two were tripped up by them, my brother Morovan and Grixus. Morovan side stepped around them while Grixus made this acrobatic flying leap over all the caltrops and tackled Pack to the ground, which in turn allowed all the rest of us to catch up to him and beat him to within an inch of his life. I had to heal him afterwards just so he could make the trip back. Unfortunately for us we still had to run ALL the way back to town while listening to more of Abackus’ lame stories. Im assuming there will be more punishment in store for us because Pack wasnt the only one who failed at running and paying attention on day one. DAY 2: Well day one was the hardest day of training I ever had to endure, yet somehow day two was even harder. We ran farther. We ran faster. We paid more attention. We did everything that we did on day one except more of it, and yes, of course we failed more as well. The final run challenge was more than most bodies can withstand. It pushed us all to the point of near death. We walked back to the barracks more drained than any of us had ever been before. Along the way I heard Abackus tell Rico,“I knew your father, you will redeem his name but I will be hard on you.”. When I think about tomorrow the only word that comes to mind is…OUCH.


Ha Ha Ha great Wright up!!

Montroze Chronicle
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