The Glory of Mhandelore

Mission Log - Ophidian Invasion

From the notes of Rico Fett

– Exited caverns/sewers through dig site entrance, found Thurman in gas-filled ruins outnumbered by enemies and another half-dragon standing over magical artifact
– Disarmed troll holding Thurman’s sword which immediately returned to him, got knocked into wall with troll’s magical gauntlet
– Battle raged for a considerable amount of time until Blood Mountain Argonaut was slain, ending his spell to create undead army
– Exited dig site into north district under attack and burning, slaughtered hobgoblins and ophidians while making way through city
– Split with Thurman and Zeth and turned west towards Ghunstar mansion and large battle
– Formed phalanx and used effectively until enemies approached from behind, Thurman’s bronze dragon engaged the trolls and others trying to flank us, giving us opportunity to break formation and rush to aid of civilians
– Battled a seemingly endless flood of enemies until civilians were safe and formed phalanx to lead them to safety
– Covering civilians route which passed by Ghunstar mansion where we left them to Astero and broke off to find Patric


grimjim Kaejo

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