The Glory of Mhandelore

Mission Log - North District Sewers

From the notes of Rico Fett

– Reported to Patric Gunstar; entered sewers
– Evidence of goblin lair east of entrance
– Encountered goblins in south corridor; Qualin grappled by slime, attempted to free her
– Gabe detonates explosive slime which injures himself, Qualin, and myself
– In midst of combat with goblins I am impaled in the back by Gabe, unconscious
– Came to with healing from Githeran; comrades finish Gabe off
– Flush came near end of battle, remaining goblins escaped with flush
– Returned to entrance to rest
– Woke up attacked by hobgoblin commanding ophidians
– Killed hobgoblin with ranged attacks; engaged ophidians; enemies joined goblin
– Defeated ophidians and goblins; Harlow infected with disease by ophidian
– Found secret waterway through southern vent; retrieved supplies and pressed on
– Encountered Brutas saying north district is under attack and tried to convince us to exit sewers asap, he was obviously lying but we followed him forwards to confirm
– Ambushed by hobgoblins and kobolds led by the traitor Brutas, engaged enemies
– Harlow falls in pit fighting Brutas, engaged Brutas myself directly, during battle Brutas shows signs of poison use
– Accidentally taken down by Negra, luckily avoided same acid poison that killed Dalen due to being incapacitated
– Revived after combat, learned Negra sacrificed himself to slay the traitor Brutas
– Found letter clearing Abackus but incriminating Gabriel, Brutas, & Patric; rested and healed
– Comrades use identifying sigil to find exit from goblins in west cavern
– Ran to fight goblins, kobolds, & ophidians after sigil ruse failed
– Defeated enemies with little problem, we are getting better at this
– Found captive satyr named Zeth who offered to help us get out if we defeat yuan-ti abomination in southwest cavern
– Devised plan to disorient giant bats in yuan-ti cavern using explosives and smoke, plan completely botched by half-orc moron Brute, engaged kobolds, ophidians, giant bats, & yuan-ti abomination without planned advantage
– Defeated enemies after long hard battle, short rest and heal
– Moved on towards exit to south, ambushed by invisible kobolds, goblins, & ophidians
– Half-Dragon appeared during battle and devastated us with magic
– One particular magical attack (burning hands) damaged us twice as bad as normal due to luck being on half-dragon’s side (rolled a 20) <- called on male bovine excrement
– Barely defeated half-dragon after taking heavy losses, quick rest and heal


grimjim Kaejo

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