The Glory of Mhandelore

Down the Craphole

Gith's Chronicle

Astero Fett was not happy about the mission we’d been given. High Risk Mission…Casualties Likely… He did not like hearing those words about a mission that two of his sons would be on. He gave every member of Gold Team a potion of water breathing with a 1 hour duration. We would be in his heart and mind until he saw us again. We all went to bed early the night before the mission so we’d be well rested. It’s a good thing we did too because about halfway through the night we were all woken by guards and escorted secretly to the library. Domo was there as well as Batrice Boldstar whom A-team would be escorting. Domo said that there had been a change of plans for the A-team. They were now to take the flagship of Mhandalore, The Twilight Chaser. We all were brought to the dock to say our farewells.

When I heard flagship I naturally assumed I’d see a vessel floating on the water… To my surprise it was an airship! An amazing airship at that. The rear of the hull was opened up with wagons and horses being loaded into it. I could tell from the many compartments and armaments on the outside of it that the Twilight Chaser had a wide array of military applications. I wanted to go inside pretty bad. Actually I was starting to envy the A-team a little because their orders took them to this glorious airship and ours as Gold Team took us to where all the shit in Mhandalore goes, the sewers! I put my childish envy aside and bid my friends farewell. All except Grixus entered the ship. Apparantly he was to be Domo’s understudy from now on. Domo dismissed us and we returned to the Fett House. We all got to talking and decided that there were a couple of things we’d like to do before reporting to Patric. Several of us, myself included, were skeptical about some of the characters that Patric surrounded himself with, namely Failgrim. Especially after his ominous viewing of the party right before pack was almost assassinated. We went to try to gather some more info about him. Heather, Morovan, and Myself went to visit our uncle Faltabore. As I’d expected, he was not happy to hear of the danger involved with our mission. Unlike Astero who had a son on the A-team, Faltabore could lose all 3 of us on this one mission. But he did point out that us three are stronger together than when we’re seperated…He’d rather us not be apart should something go awry. We asked him about the kidnappings and he said that he didn’t believe the Nomads gathering together had anything to do with it. And when we asked about Failgrim he said that he didn’t know much of him, but nothing he had heard about him had ever been good or honorable. “Failgrim is a lesser son of greater sires, he’s always hidden in the shadow of his older brothers.” Faltabore said. We talked to him for awhile longer then said our goodbyes. Our uncle wished us good luck and courage as he sent us on our way. While we were visiting our uncle; Brut, Rico, and the rest of Gold Team went to the bar again. I asked them later if they found out anything useful. They had a conversation with Feriona and she told them that she thinks something is wrong in North District. She cant put her finger on it but she has the feeling that there is treachery afoot. When they asked her about Failgrim she just said that he’s a greedy little money hoarder and she doesn’t care for him at all. Astero didn’t have anything good to say about Failgrim either; in fact the more we asked different people about him, the more we came to the conclusion that Failgrim is just a little fat worthless fuck! By now we had just a little time before we had to report to Patric for the mission, and I decided that I needed to see Domo Fett one last time before we did. After frantically trying to find him for almost an hour, we finally found out that he wasn’t even in the city anymore. This troubled me. The one man that I was totally sure I could trust with our theory about Failgrim being a badguy and he wasn’t even in town anymore? If that ain’t fishy then I don’t know what is. After hearing our thoughts about Failgrim and possibly Patric too for all we knew, Rico looked at me and said “Think what you want. We’re on a mission and we will carry it out! We’re soldiers of Mhandalore and we will prevail, just follow your orders!”. I was glad that at least one of us was confident about the situation. Rico led us out of the Fett house to the building where we would report to Patric.
When we entered we saw Patric standing in the middle of a room with two guards and the man they introduced as Gabe the day before. In another part of the room about 20ft behind Patric, stood Dirsten and Failgrim. Dirsten looked angry and he had his finger in Fail’s face reprimanding him for something. As we approached Patric I strained to hear what they were talking about, but the only 2 words I was able to make out were “ten days”. When they noticed us the dwarves both grew silent. Patric began to brief us on the mission. Same story as before, high risk high reward mission, were the best of the best, blah blah blah. Then he said that we’d be down there for ten days and that didnt sound right. I raised my hand with the question “We were told it would be for seven days, has the mission changed?”. Gabe spoke up with a bunch of mission parameters bullcrap about the flush lasting 10days and it having to stay locked the whole time, but it wasn’t very believable. I even told them we’d only been given 7 days rations and Patric just said to eat less. What a douche. Oh well, we’re stuck following orders. So down the craphole we went.
The stench of the sewers was rough. It took effort just to function without gagging on your own breath and when we heard that steel hatch vacuum seal above us, we knew we were in for the long haul, do or die. We investigated the immediate area for a few hours while hiding our supplies and searching for clues. During which we found some broken goblin equipment and the ribcage of what could only be a human child. I said a prayer over the remains. Qualen threw an alchemist’s fire onto some rats and ignited a cloud of methane gas which burned her pretty bad, I went to her and cast a heal. Rico muttered a sarcastic comment about her being stupid or something but I couldn’t hear it over Brutes laughter. I must admit I giggled about it afterwards. By the time all this had transpired several flushes had happened and we noticed that right before a flush occurs, the gas thickens and moves in the direction of the flush. Very helpful info that wasn’t in the mission briefing haha. We decided to move on.
As Gabe led us through the sewers we came across a massive green slime. By the time we realized what it was the people in front were already trapped in it. About that time four arrows flew out of the shadows beyond the slime and one of them hit me in the leg. I immediately pulled it out and healed myself. Then, without any regard for hurting himself or any of us, Gabe pulled out an alchemist fire and threw it on the slime. It exploded on contact and hurt all the people in front. Fortunately Gabe took the brunt of the damage or qualen would’ve probably died from it. After the smoke cleared from the slime we could see where the arrows had come from…Goblins!! Mission accomplished! We proved the existance of goblins in the sewers. Heather and Gullee sent a volley of arrows and downed those four goblins while about six more ran up from behind the corpses and took more shots on us. Rico turned to Me, Heather, and Webb and yelled “Attaaaack!”. As he yelled his battle shout, We saw the tip of Gabriel’s spear come protruding out his chest and his yell was silenced by a gargle of blood. Rico fell to the ground, almost dead and utterly betrayed. After seeing this Harlow went into a berserker rage. He leaped at Gabe with a critical slash to his chest, spilling his guts into the dank sewer water. Gabes body slumped down on top of his entrails as I healed rico back to his senses. When Rico finally looked at me coherantly I said to him “Still just followin orders? Still think nothings afoot?”. he just smiled at me and said “Some people are gonna PAY for this!”. I held out my hand and helped Rico to his feet. We searched Gabe’s body and found several things, including a set of clerics armor that he obviously took off the last people he had betrayed, then we went back to the entrance where we had our supplies hidden.
After gabe’s betrayal and our successful mission, we were content to wait out the rest of our stay in the sewers right here and report when they opened the hatch above. As fate would have it we weren’t allowed to do that. On the first night of rest we were attack by a Hobgoblin, sixteen goblins, and four Ophidians (lizard men)…all at once! Gullee pulled a heroic maneuver by igniting a gas cloud with a flaming arrow that obliterated eight goblins. Heather and Web took out the other eight goblins while the rest of the grp handled the Ophidians. Unfortunately one of the ophidians bit Harlow and infected him with a serious disease which is beyond my skill to heal. We had to find an alternate way to the surface if we were to save Harlow. We decided to go in the hole that the goblins had come out of and try to backtrack to the surface however they came. We had to use our waterbreathing potions to swim the distance. We finally came to a tunnel that wasnt full of water and followed it. As we walked we came across Brutas Beviin who we’d met back in basic training. This was a surprise. He yelled out that Mhandalore was being invaded and we had to get to the surface immediately. Before we could really respond he ran off down the tunnel telling us to follow him. We didn’t have much choice so we did. And of course we followed him into another trap. This time there were kobolds with the goblins, and Brutas to deal with. When they fired on us I yelled to Brutas “This treachery runs deep!!”, he replied, “Hahaha! You won’t survive this day to find out just how deep!”. Right then one of the kobold exploded a vial of gas right on us. Everyone except Rico and myself were instantly scared of the goblins and kobolds. They could hardly even attack them, it made the fight ridiculously hard. Brute would fall, and I’d heal him, then he’d fall again. Negra was taking damage and so was I. Harlow charged Brutas and fell into a pit trap, things were getting ugly. Finally we killed their kobold healer and a few more to even the odds. Thats when Brutas did the same. He bit into something on his wrist, jumped over the pit trap that Harlow was in, and spit poison at all of us. It didnt hit everyone, but those that it hit got hit hard. We all realized that the poison is his mouth was probably what Phillip had used when he killed Dalen. Everyone was desperately trying to down Brutas before he could do anything else, but no one could seem to get a hit on him. I had a choice- Heal Brute, Heal Negra, or Heal myself. I made what I thought was the smartest choice and healed my self because I’m the healer. I didn’t realize it was also the most selfish choice. Negra also had a choice to make- sacrifice one life to save many, or just let everyone die. It was a choice that he didn’t even have to think about. Without hesitation Negra bullrushed Brutas into the pit trap behind him just as he bit down on the capsule in his mouth. It splattered the deadly poison all over both of them and it devoured both their bodies and souls. Harlow was still in the trap but he was able to get out of the way as Negra made the ultimate sacrifice and they tumbled into the pit. I screamed out in anger and sadness as negra died because I realized that I made the selfish choice and he made the selfless one. Negra taught me; taught us all a lesson this day, and it’s one I’ll not soon forget. I vow before Zaanephrim himself that you will be avenged Negra…You shall not die in vain my friend!

After the battle and the loss of our friend we were all literally wiped out, both mentally and physically. We had to rest. Almost as if Negra’s spirit was still with us and boosted us somehow, when we were done resting we were all stronger. I had new spells in my mind and everyone else just looked stronger and more ready for the world…Thanks Negra. We searched Brutas’ body and aside from his gear we found a note (see wiki) along with a sigil. This note explains alot. We must make haste to the surface, if this note is true then the invasion of Mhandalore starts today! We hurried on. Soon we came across a goblin group sitting around a campfire. We decided that I should try to comprehend languages and speak with them to maybe learn the quickest way out. This worked for a minute but they didn’t quite buy my bluff. He bluffed me and I fell for it then they fired on us. Big mistake. We all started unleashing our newfound power on them. I was killing goblins two at a time with my soundblast spell, while my comrades cleaved through countless goblins and kobolds, even while still under their fear gas from the day before. Qualen was hiding in shadows and ganking gobbies left and right. More Ophidians came but no one else was bitten, thank the gods. This was definately the most epic battle we’ve had so far in terms of body count. The cavern was just a massive scene of blood and guts, and it smelled atrocious. We found a cage with a tarp thrown over it. There was a brutally tortured Satyr inside on the brink of death. We released him and I healed him up. He thanked us intensely and said his name was Zethrendall. He had given up all hope of survival. He swears a lifedebt to us, as we have saved his life. At this point we will take a friend wherever we can get one….Come along little fella, we gotta get the hell outta here!


Great i like it when you put dialog from the story.

Down the Craphole

great hero story cant wait for vengence

Down the Craphole
grimjim LordHabu

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