The Glory of Mhandelore

Combat Log

Heather Montroze Reporting

We finally got a break from this horrendous bootcamp training! I am ready to relax and have a drink. Sparrow, Varian, Morovan, Jordan, Qualen, Harlow, and myself went to the Good Harvest Inn and Tavern. Upon entering I noticed a large cage in the corner of the room with a large blue bird inside watching everyone in the bar. We spread out a bit and began to mingle. I was immediately approached by a man bearing markings of the Montroze clan on his clothing but he had no insignia of the guard as we all did so I was a little uneasy with him. He approached and introduced himself as Mort Montroze, a traveler and merchant who lived outside the city. I shook his hand and introduced myself and he asked if he could buy me a drink, to which I cautiously accepted. We began making our way to a table when a woman came out from behind the bar and said, “Welcome all to the Good Harvest…make yourselves at home” with a smile. As I looked around the room I noticed a man walk up to Harlow and start talking. Harlow responded so heartily that I assumed he knew the man. I also looked at the bird again, he was making eye contact with Jordan and Varian, almost gesturing them over to him. As they approached, and Mort and I found a table, I noticed the bird had gems, jewels, and gold pieces on the bottom of his cage. Apparently it was some kind of entertainment. We sat in the table nearest to the cage. By this time Jordan and Varian had made their way over to the bird and were standing in front of its cage. Jordan began to try and speak with animals so she could talk to the bird. Feriona behind the bar spoke up and said “You don’t have to talk to him like that, his name is Winston and he speaks common.”. Jordan thanked her, then began talking with the bird. Winston seemed quite eccentric…maybe even a little crazy as he spoke. I couldn’t help but overhear him. He said he was powerful and could even grant wishes, but he needed to be released from his cage. He would grant whoever let him out 1 wish, he said his master was very powerful. The bar owner just kinda played along, as if this was a normal thing from him. I heard Varian ask him who his master was, to which he responded, “Unimportant! I just need to get OUT of here!!”. Jordan said “It is important if you want help from us hehe”. Finally the bird said, “OK, OK….I am named after my master…He is Master Winston Wellingham III! There, are you satisfied? will you free me?”. Varian and Jordan looked over at Feriona behind the bar. She gave them a look of disapprovement, so the two just stood there regarding the bird in silence. About that time there was a commotion across the bar. Evidently someone stole or tried to steal something from one of us and was making a break for it. Harlow and Sparrow were chasing him. Sparrow managed to bumrush him and knock him down before he reached the door. Suddenly, one of the patrons who looked like a normal man sprang after the thief as well, only as he ran, he grew into his true form which was Furbolg Giant. Mort Montroze, who was sitting across from me got a startled look in his eye as this started happening and said “I better be going now, I forgot I gotta be somewhere..” I looked down at my hand, noticing that my father’s ring was no longer on my finger, and said “Why so soon? Your drinks still full?”. Upon hearing this he bolted for the door and made it completely outside by the time I had an arrow cocked. I took off after him, when I rounded the door to the bar I let an arrow sing from my bow aimed straight at his head. He turned to look back at me just as it flew and it punctured right through his cheek bone and stuck out the opposite side of his face. Amazingly, this perfect shot didnt even bring him down, although he missed a few steps, he kept on running for dear life. Now that I was outside I realized that this had been a planned robbery; there were random bar patrons fighting alongside my friends against several of the would-be thieves. A couple of the thieves had even come out of the woods with bows and were firing on us all. I continued after Mort, Varian right behind me for backup. Mort disapeared into the woods and as we rounded a corner to get line of sight on him again, we saw an awesome sight. A female elf who I’d heard earlier introduce herself as Morgan in the bar had somehow teleported herself to block Morts path…as he approached her a giant lightning bolt zapped from her hands and cooked him where he stood… it was amazing. I walked up and thanked her as I knelt down to get my father’s ring from Morts cooked hand. I said aloud as I pulled the ring, “Scum like you is not worthy of the Montroze name!”. As Varian and I returned to the bar we saw that our friends had succeeded in routing the rest of the thieves. But unfortunately someone that came here with us was missing. Apparently Qualen, who had overheard what the bird had said to Jordan and Varian earlier, got the great idea to set Winston free during the commotion of battle. Upon finding this out, Feriona turned Qualen herself into a big bird and locked her in Winstons cage while her and Morgan went out to find him. We did not try to get Qualen out of the cage, I just pretended like I barely knew her haha. Finally Feriona and Morgan returned with the bird. Feriona put it back in the cage with Qualen, but did not let Qualen out. She looked happier now that the bird was back. The Furbolg who had helped in the battle stood up and talked to us. He introduced himself as Brunrod Stomperflint of The Justifiers. He introduced the rest of his group; Vhanrhaul Vevut- Paladin of Yekcim, Buster Brankenstall- dwarf cleric of Yekcim,Fremal- elf rogue, and Trinity- elf sorceress. The Justifiers thanked us for helping to thwart the attempt made by the thieves. They took a liking to us pretty quickly. Eventually the rest of our company showed up from their visit to Memorial Park and were introduced to the Justifiers. We all talked for pretty much the rest of the night about lots of different things. They let us in on some pretty interesting rumors that have been going around. After hearing about the goblins in the park they told us that evidently the goblin kingdoms are rising again, and have aligned with a new but unknown power. They’ve been seen in the Forge Keep with technology that they shouldn’t know of. Another rumor is that the Republic of Bel is to outlaw magic entirely, sending Spellseakers out to hunt down magic practitioners. And finally, Feriona tells of an Artifact Dig Site. She said that she had a totem which was used by Eve, Daughter of the Gods. It was buried during the second Cataclysm thousands of years before Mhandalore came. There are also ancient texts that The Fathers wrote about a Pillar with magic markings that glowed. The texts said that there are treasures there that the Totem would protect and also mark their whereabouts…..whatever that means. All in all I think the Justifiers were quite helpful. Vhanrhaul Vevut even said that after our bootcamp training, he may have work for us. Now we need to report to Abackus…..sigh.


Ammended Sparrow into the write up

Combat Log
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